Best Hair Straightening Creams Available In Stores


Best Hair Straightening Creams Available In Stores

Hair care is beyond the use of hair oil and mom’s constant rumble to use shampoo once a week. It is now more about hair spas, straightening and rebounding. People often start hesitatingly but then it soon becomes a routine treatment. Not to forget, the hair straightening creams are available in numbers and it is actually hard to differentiate between them. But since it is a long-term treatment, one must go for a reputed cream as well as the salon or practitioner for the treatment.

Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit Review Hair+hair styling

I am listing some of the creams you could choose from which are globally known and are in use for years. Sometimes in our craze we might ignore the reviews on products, so I think it’s better to have a detailed review of these creams.

Schwarzkopf Styling Strait Therapy Straightening Products

Schwarzkopf Styling Strait Therapy Straightening

This is a product which provides straight hair for close to 6-8 months. The results are excellent and these products are in use for years now. The kit comes in with a therapy tube and neutralizer. It is one of the preferred brands as chosen by the professional hair stylists. It is easy to use at home as well due to its well laid down straightening procedures.

Schwarzkopf Glatt Pouch

Schwarzkopf Glatt Pouch

These come in 0, 1 and 2 ranges for frizzy, curly and curly colored hair respectively. The pouch contains one pair of cream and conditioner. It is very good as far as keratin content is concerned and is quite a popular product today.

Matrix Opti Straight Hair Straightening Cream

Matrix Opti Straight Hair Straightening CreamMatrix Opti Straight Hair Straightening Cream

In two variants depending on hair type, the cream is another professional preference. It comes with cream and neutralizer and is good for naturally frizzy hair as well as curly hair.

L’Oreal Paris X-tenso Straightener Cream

X-tenso Straightener Cream

Loreal is a homely name now for almost every hair or other products. With many variants of its products, there is no ambiguity in saying that the world now knows straightening as a synonym to Loreal. The products are good and convenient to use with cream and neutralizer. It’s X-tenso Straightener Cream, is also a very well-known product which is very popular amongst professional stylists.

Wella strate Intense Straightening Cream

Wellastrate Straight System Intense Rebonding Kit Review+straightening hair

Another product with good reviews. Wella is gaining ground in comparison to competitors Loreal and others quite well. It is known to provide straight hair for 2 months and it is very effective on frizzy hair.

Streax Pro Hair Straightener Cream

Streax Pro Hair Straightener Cream

This cream is known to work more than other creams as its results are said to be more effective. The hair are known to stay straighter for longer than other creams. The cream is made of silicone ingredient and thus its resultant hair are water-resistant and nourished.

Of any of those creams you use, please do not forget to follow the basics of getting the hair straightened. One should always go for deep conditioning even after straightening to ensure that the hair stay nourished as the chemicals used might damage the hair otherwise. One should always go for a proper hair wash and conditioning to ensure proper hair cleaning and to keep the scalp nourished.

Also, do not go for straightening too often and if you need to give a proper gap to ensure less hair damage. I hope you find this post useful. Go for the killer looks but always ensure your hair safety.

Have you tried any of these straightening creams before?

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