Best Hair Straightening Product Suggestions


Muskaan asks

I have just not been able to find the right kind of hair products which will help them  from getting damage from hair straighteners.I recently got a hair straigtener and I don’t want to end up spoiling them.:(

Is there any one who can help me out in this ?


best hair straightening products


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  1. I would suggest 2 ways :),Either you can opt for hair smoothening treatment, which straightens the hair but does make them look spiky.. but if you are looking for a temporary option I always find Hair drier and a brush more handy and safer and easier than hair iron 🙂

    • Sorry I forgot to add, you should use heat protecting creams before using any heat on hair. They don’t reduce the damage but lessen it.
      You can give Loreal, Wella creams a try. Also its very important not to iron wet hair, as it immediately turns water to steam, which escapes after splitting or damaging the hair 🙁

  2. I love Loreal products… Use the Loreal conditioning shampoo and sure enough you’ll be happy with the result. Thank you for sharing your tips!

  3. I have a straightner from Remington..its really awesome..but yes, all straightners r damaging to the hair..Always use a heat protectant b4 using such applances…i use the heat protector spray from Toni & Guy..its really good..tried n tested 🙂


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