Best Hair Styling Serum


Sunandha asks

I use Flat Iron for styling my hair for functions. But my hair gets very dry and am facing some hair fall also. I apply silk and shine to my hair after i wash my hair but it seems that isn’t enough. Any ideas for a good hair-styling serum that doesn’t dry my hair?


best hair styling serum


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  1. before flat ironing hair.. apply sunsilk keratinology thermal protection spray to each section …. its a good product..
    What i love about wiseshe is how openhearted the people here are… Anamika answers every single query of readers and is actually present here all the time…And all the others are really amazing girls.. They welcome a new reader and makes them feel belonged.. especially Anamika and other gals answers questions ranging from normal to stupidity to rude also…. this is like a blog where everybody is welcome and i really do feel it…There is no stuck-up girl bunch here… love that..

  2. I use loreal smooth intense and I’m liking it so far… I picked that after I read the review in wise she 🙂 will check out the link and post 🙂

  3. PT, id recco to use a heat protector first and foremost!

    the ones easily available online or in the market is the Toni & Guy heat protector…I use it and its pretty gud..U can also try the Keratinology one which has come out.. I havent used it myselfbut its getting rave reviews 🙂

  4. totally agree with Ife….this place is so nice to come and chat for a while, even if I cant come comment in a while, the conversation just restarts from the next post like the gap hadnt been there at all! great job A and everyone else! 🙂

  5. I agree with u all. this is very cozy place where nobody would feel out of place.
    gals out here embrace new readers with so much warmth and affection


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