Best Hairstyles To Go With Your Winter Cap


Best Hairstyles To Go With Your Winter Cap

Hey lovely ladies! I am sure many of us like to style in caps & hats during this chilly weather. But the downside is that our hair gets static & messed up. So we all decide to hide our strands under a hat or cap, but on the contrary, this is an opportunity to flaunt them! Let us take a look at some hairstyles to team up with a winter cap so that you can stay cozy & look glam as well!

Simple Straight Layers:

This is a classic hairstyle which looks great under your winter cap. Simply wear your hair down & flaunt those layers! This looks great whether you have medium length hair or long flowing tresses.


Side Swept Braid: A side swept pigtail, whether a simple one or a messy one looks fabulous under all kinds of hats. You can’t go wrong with a simple-side ponytail whether it is a simple braid or a fishtail braid. This keeps your hair neat & adds to the wow factor. You may also try out a knotted side braid to add some oomph to the fishtail braid.

side fishtail winter hat

Loose Waves: Loose waves look stunning with a winter hat. Leaving your waves down gives you a warm and glamorous look.

loose waves

Side Swept Chignon: A side swept chignon is also another great hairdo for the winters. This gives you a polished look & keeps your hair in place under the cap.

side swept chignon

Full On Curls: If you have natural curls then that’s great! Else you can always curl them using a curling iron. Simply let down the loose curls for an ultra -glam look.


A Simple Low Bun: A well done low bun looks perfect look with winter hats. It is important to keep your hairdos low when wearing hats. This neat bun gives you a warm and charming look for the winter season.

small buns hair

Side-Swept Bangs: Styling your bangs can sometimes be tricky! Try side-swept bangs look with beanies this winter. Securing them under your hat will keep them in place.


Tousled Ponytail: Tousled ponytail is another great way to style your hair in the winters. In addition, you may let some hair flicks loose around your face. This hairdo will give you a soft & girly look.

tousled ponytail

Bob Hairstyle: Girls with short hair should definitely try this one out. Accessorize your bob with a winter hat & you are good to go! Bobs really give a shape to your face. Let them loose & do a side partition.

bob hair

Bubble Ponytail: This is another fun hairdo to try out this season. This is easy to create & looks great under a hat. It keeps your hair neat & looks very stylish. Make sure to tie the ponytail a little lower to flaunt it well under a hat!

bubble ponytail

Have you tried these hairstyles before while wearing a winter cap?

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