Best Hand And Foot Cream – Wise She Reader Question


Nupur asks,

I am looking for a hand and foot cream as I don’t want to buy them separately.Do you have any suggestion ?

If not then do let me know which hand creams and foot creams should I invest in?

Wise She Beauty Problem

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  1. well.. it depends … i got dry skin..! so most of the times i use just vaseline (petrolium jelly)

    and sometimes.. when m in hurry… i use hand creme of vaseline .. its for hands and nails..
    and u can use dr. organic's foot and heel cream. its wid honey, olive oil, vitamin E, Coconut oil and glycrin. I just love this cream.

  2. for hands n feet at night: i use oriflame tender care mixed with coconut oil before goign to bed, n after shower i just use aloe vera massage cream (ayur) for feet and any moisturiser (whichever is available in my bag) for hands


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