Best Hand Cream For Dry Hands


Suruchi asks,

I have severely dry hands and after birth of my baby they are getting worse as I have to wash my hand some 20 times in a day now.Can you recommend me any hand cream which will work for me .

Best Hand Cream For Dry Skin

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  1. You can try The Body Shop’s Almond Oil Daily Hand & Nail Cream it is completely non greasy and even if you wash your hands number of times it will keep hand soft and smooth.

  2. Hi Suruchi. There is a cream called Elovera. It isnt essentially a hand cream. But it is really rich and moisturizing. I think u should try it. Its available at all chemists.

  3. dear suruchi……
    mix glycerine rose water and lemon juice in ratio of 1;1;1;
    it will be a little sticky but eventually u’ll get habitual.i saw this recepie here only……
    i m a dentist so i wash my hands almost as frequently as you….and believe me this has done wonders to my hands…….
    u van use any creame though i trust only boroline…..

  4. also 1 more suggestion…you can try fab india lemon hand cream…its like…removed my tan to some extent and made skin super soft and nails grew realy fast 🙂


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