Best Hangover Supplements


Best Hangover Supplements

TGIF, Thank God Its Friday..!!. We all wait for the weekends, Friday and Saturday being the only wait and support which helps us to pass that hectic working week. Some people enjoy being at home and some party all night like there would be no sunrise.. And I truly salute the spirits of people who party wild on weekends and work wild on weekdays at office.

But what about hangovers, In the spirit of enjoying and drinking we ignore the after effects of alcohol for the next morning.

Hangover is something, which if not treated wisely than disturb our whole day. So why to waste that weekend in hangover when we can cure it in 2-3 hours only and save that date to meet up with friends and loved ones.

how to cure hangover

So here I will be discussing some Supplements and home remedies to treat this after Monster.

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These are the tablets which are available in the market and are natural supplements, taking them after breakfast can actually help you to get over with hangover. This bottle come with 60 tablets and one at a time is enough. The market price is 697 but trust me it is one good and effective supplement.


best treatments for hangover

This drug is not available at shops, but one can easily order it from amazon and other shopping websites. Alka-Seltzer is a safe drug which helps in reducing the effects of hangover. You should take this medicine if your hangover is too bad. In morning after eating something, it shold be consumed with a glass of juice.

Note: It is a safe drug still I would suggest you to consult doctor before using it.


lemon and cucumber shampoo

We all are aware how magical lime is in the case of hangover. But we are not aware of the best way to use lime.

Squeeze whole lime in a bowl and keep one lightly warm glass of water ready. Drink the whole lime juice at one go and drink water.

In the duration of 15 minutes only, you will start feeling good, hell good. 😀


curd for skin

If you are well aware that you are going to drink, than I would advice to keep curd without lid 2 days before in refrigerator. Old curd becomes very sour with time and here in this situation of bad hangover, it will help a lot. After waking up with hangover, take a full bowl of old curd and eat it slowly. It could be hard eating but it’s very effective.

Note: Curd should be maximum 2 days old.


egg white skin care

Some people swear on the method of eating eggs in hangover. Well it is effective for some people and for some people it is not.

There is no harm in trying once so I would suggest going for boiled egg with yellow part and eating it empty stomach. At least 3 eggs should be consumed to see the effect.


hangover supplements

Coffee is also a good way to get over it and it is extremely beneficial for those who are addicted to it or are daily drinkers of coffee.

For those who have a routine of having coffee daily, should take a small amount of coffee in water and boil it. Do not mix milk and drink it hot, sip by sip. You will see the difference in 30-40 minutes.

Do you know any other Hangover Supplements?

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