Best Heels To Break In This Valentine’s Day


Best Heels To Break In This Valentine’s Day

Hey girls!

Valentine’s Day is probably the most romantic time of the year and every one of us is influenced from it whether we accept it or not. I mean who would not like to be pampered, though just for a day. I would rather say that we should not refrain from loving and pampering ourselves on the day. Though I believe we should do it too often, but if there is one day when everyone would be doing the same, then we should not be left behind, what say?


So what are you wearing? I am sure you would have already decided on the plan for the day, the dress and the makeup etc. But have you decided on what shoes you can and you should wear? If not, then do go through each and every option of the post, as I am sure you would have your choice by the end of it.

Wear The Right Shoe/ Heel

Wearing the right pair of shoes is very important and one should choose the shoe carefully as the type of date you are going to go for is quite dependent on the type of shoe you choose. I mean if you want to be comfortable in the company of your beloved without any issue or hassle, you should choose your attire and shoes accordingly. I understand the options are not too much and it has to be heels only, but you have to be classy or sexy depending on your choice!


Color does not matter! Believe me if you wear red, you would be part of the Valentine’s Day aura and if you don’t you would still be a part of it! In fact, most of us refrain from wearing red, thinking it would be too common which is true, as people love to wear red on the day but at the same time, even if everyone wears a red, it’s still fine!


Sliver Platform Heels

I can suggest you colors like yellow, green and even pink. Also, you could wear those silver platform heels which you chose not to wear as they are totally in too! Especially if you are going to a Disc or a night out at a pub, silver or golden colors are too good for the occasion.


But if you are going to go to a restaurant for a quiet dinner, I would suggest you to go for a plain shiny heeled pair of shoes without glitter! Shimmery shoes usually look out of place at restaurants unless otherwise your attire speaks high about them.


If you are wearing a short skirt for the occasion, you can also go for red or black boots which might look good with your attire.


So, the idea is to feel good about yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin. There is no taboo of wearing only the red color, rather you could wear any color of your choice and still be the center of attraction!


If you are wearing a maxi dress, you can go for stilettoes in black or white or red as the color of your dress permits. You can also match your belt to your shoes and also your bag to have attention of the onlookers and obviously your beloved. People might just love you for your own style statement if you plan to do so this way!


So, what is your style this Valentine’s Day?

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