Best Highlighter Makeup Tips To Know


Best Highlighter Makeup Tips To Know

Recently, we have seen so many Bridal look videos done by Anamika and the recent Karwachauth makeup look and one thing I really loved about all of these looks is the use of highlighter to give a dimension to the overall makeup! Festive and bridal makeup look needs to be a little more elaborate and luminous to give that glow on the face which is in accordance with the bling outfits and accessories!

loreal magic lumi highlighter after indian skin

You face my end up looking a little plain if you forget using a highlighter! A highlighter also focus majorly on the features of the face with a trick and it overall appears to give a more natural look to the heavy makeup and not look too much “made-up!!”

For those of you  who are still ignorant about how to begin with a highlighter in their festive makeup looks, here I have something helpful for you all! These are exclusive highlighter makeup tips which will make it easy for you to understand the importance of using a highlighter and also assist you in attempting these tricks in your coming makeup looks for the grand Diwali celebrations!

contouring and highlighting tips

Lets have a look at these tips-

Enhanced Eye Makeup-

highlighter face

Applying a highlighter just on the brow bone will give an arched eye brow look without making it look artificial. It also helps in creating a gradient on the eye crease and makes the eye makeup stand out beautifully! It tend to give that finishing look to the eye shadow hues and your eye makeup comes out to look much better!

For Big Eye Look-

coastal scents highlighter

In case, you are not blessed with very big eyes and want that the eye makeup look is still evident then you can too try the highlighter trick! Just take a powder based highlighter for instance Tarte Amazonian Clay Princess Highlighter and with the ring finger dot a little amount of highlighter on the mid of your eye crease.

Slim Down broad nose-


If you have not so defined nose shape then there is no need to sulk as makeup tricks can make your natural features look much more attractive without undergoing any surgery for the desired features! Apply a little amount of highlighter with a flat brush over the nose bride to the tip and you can visibly see how slim your nose looks with this easy trick! 🙂

Bee-stung Lips-

green glitter eye bridal festive look

Well, a cosmetic surgery is surely not required for getting fuller lips and you can easily resort to the highlighter for getting the fuller lips. Take a powder based highlighter an apply it on the cupid bow for a much pouty look and this quick trick is going to make you lips naturally plump and beautiful!

Vanish dark circles-

Usually all the makeup efforts go in vain if you are unable to hide the tired eye look as it spoils the makeup look! So here is a quick tip that you can do with a highlighter, all you have to do is to apply a powder based highlighter from the inner corner of the eyes into a V shape and then blend along in the same fashion! This will reveal a brighter under eye area and will give you the fresh look even if you literally skipped on the beauty sleep!

Well, these are some very easy to do tips one can attempt with a highlighter! Hope  you like these tips!

Have you tried any of these highlighter makeup tips before?

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