Best Home Made Hair Mask For Dry Hair – Suggestions


Radha asks, 

My hair recently have turned really dry with splitends and I em experiencing lot of hair fall too.Is there any mask or remedy which you can suggest to get rid of the problem ?


Best home made hair mask for dry hair


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  1. Hii radha..banana and honey mask..its a blessing for dry hair..and nothing helped me with split ends..i have to get my hair trimmed every month..

  2. It is also nice for your hair if you do not always go to salon for a chemical treatment. Still natural interventions are safer and practical. Use coconut milk and surely your hair will be nice.

  3. Use OLIVE OIL ..girl! it will definitely help U.. Also use dove hair shampooo and conditioners, they are amazing. i had a friend whose hair was dry and lifeless like a nightmare. She used dove religiously and i saw amazing results on her. Her hair is all smooth and soft now. Also for split ends u have to trim ur hair from time to time!

  4. I have the same problem..I used flat iron without heat protection 😥
    Warmed up olive oil… Always use warmed up cause its very sticky… concentrate more on ends.. Apply virgin coconut oil to scalp only..Put hot towel or wrap with towel and blast with hair dryer on lowest setting… for 15 min… leave for half hour… shampoo with moisturizing shampoo follow up with conditioner and hair mask+jojoba oil(optional)…Do not shampoo every day..Apply conditioner to ends and wash scalp with water only..
    Trim off brittle ends…
    If you cannot apply oil to hair do apply deep conditioning mask every day after shampoo for 2 weeks and then once a week… Ex.. Pantene, Dove, Loreal Hair masks…
    Keep the routine simple so that u will stick to it..

  5. Well first up to arrest hair fall , use warm castor oil, it is thick and sticky, but it moisturises your hair well, and encourages regrowth. Try taking steam when you use this oil.

    There are two super awesome packs you could use,
    the easy one up first
    mix your regular conditioner with vit E oil (just break open vitamin e capsules in your conditioner, add some aloe vera gel if you must and leave this pack on your hair ends for atleast half an hour then wash off with warm to cool water.

    the second one is a bit messy, but well worth it
    soak fenugreek (methi) seeds in a bit of milk over night. Grind in the morning, mix in an egg and some essential oil (to zap the eggy and fenugreeky smell)and apply. Wash with cool water. Do not shampoo, though your hair may smell a little, u want this pack to work on your hair and protect it.

    some products i swear by are l’oreal professionel series – absolute repair hair masque. this is a super product and works best on damp freshly shampooed hair. i use a hair dryer to get the pack to absorb in my hair better.

  6. Hi dear..try using a combo of Olive Oil + Castor Oil + Sesame Oil .. Leave it Over night if possible do the Oil conditioning treatment on saturday then on Sunday afternoon wash your hair.. If possible wash your hair with a paste mix of Hibiscus leaves and flower.. It will lather a lot.. and then use a mild shampoo so that the left out oil will be removed..

  7. Hi Allll…..
    I have been readin wiseshe for quite sometime now.. and realllyyy love all your suggestions.. bcoz of u guyz i have found the love of my life, Cetaphil Face wash….
    Now i need your suggestions for my hair too.. Let me just give a bit description of my hair.. and what i do with them…
    I have straight thin hair.. (which are gettin thiner..and thiner day by day)… and i wash my hair everyday (suggested by a doctr as i have dandruff issue too)… as i have a oily scalp.. but have dry ends..
    I have used Lush I love juicy shampoo and Veganese conditioner.. but it made my hair really dry..
    I am looking out suggestions for all the NATURAL products that i can use on my hair so that i can get back the volume and shine back.. shampoo.. conditioner.. natural hair pack.. etc..etc…
    P.S.- I have currently used the honey and olive oil hair pack suggested here (as monsoons are making my hair worst).. But i washed my hair 3 times to get the oil off.. and because of which my hair feels more thinner.. and i couldnt even get the benefit of the pack..
    Lukin frwd to all of your replies….


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