Best Home Remedies For Dark Knees And Elbows


By Jiya,

my knee’s colour is so dull… Frown Frown Frown .. can u plz tell me any solution for it…!!

best home remedy for dark knees and elbows


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  1. hey Jiya, I know few things – rub lemon on your knees everyday during bath for atleast 3-5min, lemon has a bleaching property which reduces skin discoloration.

    Do a knee pack of vinegar+yogurt, keep for 30 min and wash.
    Moisturize the knee skin after that with honey (massage for5min)

    exfoliate the knee skin “everyday” (preferably with walnut scrub)

    but you have to be consistant in these tips and will have to do it at least for 1 month for the result to show up, home remedies takes time but it definitely gives result 🙂 🙂

    • ok few things which worked for me are

      exfoliate alternate days and then apply fair and lovely cream on helped me.

  2. mix lemon with glycerine..equal quantity or if u think its too greasy then add some extra lemon

    and apply it on ur knees and elbows every night…
    and yeah exfoliation helps a lot…

    • this lemon , glycerine and rose water ..i have used for years and years .it is like my magic lotion..
      i have used it on my whole body 🙂

  3. Hi Anamika, do you mean just fresh lemon extract or do you mean bottled lemon juice? Do I just put equal amounts of each ingredients in a bottle and shake it up?

  4. Hi I would like to know what’s the best fastest way to lighten my very dark knees..I’m brown in skin color an my knees are like 2 shades darker. its very embarrassing and I always have to keep them covered. I’ve had this black knees since a young child,I’m now 22yrs old I just want to be normal an able to wear what I like n not hiding behind long pants. please help!!!


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