The Best Home Remedies for Sore Throat


Sore throats can leave you in a high level of discomfort. The pain and irritation can make it difficult for you to even go about your simplest daily activities. Just swallowing can cause a huge bolt of pain to shoot through your throat and ears. 

If you âre suffering from a sore throat, you  âre not alone. We all get sore throats. In fact, tens of millions of people go to the doctor each year to seek relief for their sore, scratchy, and swollen throats.
But did you know you may be able to cure your sore throat from the comfort of your home? There are many effective home remedies for sore throat that you can make from things you probably have in your pantry right now.
Causes of Sore Throat
Before we talk about the home remedies for your sore throat, it’s important for you to understand what causes sore throat. There are all sorts of sore throat causes, but here are some of the most common ones.
Viruses ,Cold, flu, mono, chickenpox, and measles
Bacterial infections—Strep throat, tonsillitis, etc.
Sinus drainage
Straining your voice
Side effects from medical treatments

Cures for Sore Throat:-

Okay. You know all about the causes of your sore throat, and now you all you care about is getting rid of that sore throat pain as quickly as possible.
Here are some of the most popular home remedies for sore throat.
Gargle with salt water .Its one of the oldest tricks in the book and you have probably tried it before. Gargling with warm salt water can help ease your sore throat pain, allowing you to swallow without feeling like you âre swallowing razorblades. Mix about a ½ tsp of salt with 4 oz. of warm water, and gargle every few hours or whenever the pain returns.
Drink warm water, honey, and lemon juice—Make your own little tea drink by mixing warm water, honey, and some lemon juice. Sip on this throughout the day, and you’ll begin to feel a little better.
Gargle with turmeric—A good turmeric gargle can calm your throat. Just mix a cup of hot water, ½ tsp turmeric, and a ½ tsp salt. Gargle the mixture, and sit it out. Do this a couple of times throughout the day to keep your pain at a minimum.
Drink apple cider vinegar This is a very popular sore throat remedy that even some doctors will recommend from time to time. All you have to do is mix 8 oz. hot water, 1 tbsp vinegar (apple-cider vinegar if you have it), and 1 tbsp honey. Sip on this to alleviate your sore throat pain.
Gargle with cayenne pepper and water Prepare for a slight sting with this tip, but after that, you will see how well it works. Mix a little cayenne pepper with some hot water, and gargle this mixture every few hours or whenever the pain returns. Its a powerful home remedy for knocking out severe sore throats.
Try a spoonful of honey Another oldie but goodie. Honey helps to coat the throat and ease the pain of your sore throat. Try taking a spoonful of honey every few hours until your sore throat is gone.
Drink ginger tea Mix 2 tbsp of freshly grated ginger with a cup of boiling water to create a ginger tea. You can also add in honey to make it taste the way you like. Drink this a few times each day.
Its also important to make sure you stay plenty hydrated when you have a sore throat. Drink lots of water, juices, and teas to prevent your throat from drying out and hurting even more.
Have you ever tried any other home remedies for sore throat? Share your favorites by leaving a comment.
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