Best Homeremedies Blackspots And Pimple Marks


By Pavani ,

Best Homeremedies for acne and blackspot

I  am suffering with black spots,acne scars and  I  cant describe them(on my cheeks both left and right) properly so I am attaching pics..plz suggest me some homemade remedies wit which I  can erase all the black spots n pimple marks…all the divas out there Mitra,Bhavana,Prerna ,candy ,Maha and Meenu plz suggest me home remedies girls.


Best Remedy for black spots and pimple marks



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  1. Dear Pavani,
    you can try this remedy
    Take Neem leaves and rinse them under the flowing water. Make a paste of these leaves and put in a wet clothe. Squeeze the cloth and take out the neem juice from it. Apply this juice in morning and evening every day. If possible drink 1-2 tsp of juice daily. Follow this remedy for 15-20 days and get rid of all kind of acne problem. Don’t use any cream or oil while using this remedy .Make sure you are not constipated. Constipation is the biggest cause of acne.

    and if you dont c any result then please ahead towards a dermatologist asap.

  2. problem is the spots..acne come and go and re appear only thing is spots and blemishes shouldn’t be left behind 😛

    how was the weekend Shreya?

  3. see a dermatologists urgently…
    i suffered from same problem …but after seeing a doc my face is free from pimples ….
    doc prescribed me saslic face wash, acnesol gel in morning under my moisturizer and adafrin gel (apply before goin to bed for one hour)
    after applying these creams for one month I saw a difference and now no more suffer from acne…this is a medical condition…see doc otherwise it may spread all over your face

    • i agree looks like a medical condition to me as well..

      priyanka can you tell me the prices of above mentioned face wash, gel and moisturizer?

  4. hey anamika

    right now I am in office but you can check following link …doctor prescribed me the same medicne and now my skin is pimple free and improved a lot but you should check with doc before using these ointments

  5. Hi Pavani, my sister was suffering from the same problem and she used to drink a lot of water and eat fruits everyday wtihout fail, mostly apple. This is really slow (she did this for a year) but now her skin is very clear. You can do this along with the home remedies ppl have suggested above.
    And as for the dark spots left behind, she used this cream called BRITE by wallace pharmaceuticals. This one helped with the blemishes. I suggest you to do a patch test or consult a doc before you use this ceram however.

  6. I know what it feels to have acne….and my suggestion is what Priyanka says…see a dermatologist immediately…..meanwhile you can use a facewash that is salicylic acid based..i used ” Saslic DS “…just have patience and DONOT touch those bumps…

      • Yes…Salicylic acid is keratolytic in nature…it sloughs off the upper dead cells of the skin which usually cause blockages leading to pimples/ even if i dont have acne i make sure i use it atleast once every day just to keep my pores clean..and thats why i like the Tea Tree Fab Ind toner which has Salicylc acid 🙂

  7. also a Clindamycin Gel at night will be helpful until you get a doc apponitment..that would cost you around 50Rs or so.

  8. My derma clicked a pic of mine 3 months ago when he started my treatment…maybe he will use it to promote his clinic in “Before-After” picture !!! And when i see that picture now..i am like “OH MY GOD” did i survive these beauties on my face !!!

  9. Arrey nahi yaar…i am so verrry thankful….else acne was hitting on my confidence everytime i get onto to a vid-conference at work or talikng in a meetng..i feel people arte interested in counting my acne on the face…ewww…did i get too far explaining my plight!!

  10. hey dear, i can understand your plight, use FASH facewash, or anyfacewash which has salicylic acid…also please check up with a dermatologist…for me what works is lactocalamine, i just apply and sleep, and the pimple dries down

  11. Pavani, i have heard from my friend that applying a dab of Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin cream over acne/pimples in the night can heal the pimples and reduce the pain and marks of it.
    i dont know about its effectiveness coz thank God i dont suffer much from pimples and all (touchwood 😛 )… but you can try it its easy and not even expensive thing. may be it does some good. Good luck :-))

  12. Hi Pavani,

    I had absolutely horrible acne and now it is in control. I can share some of the things I tried

    1. First of all, I used the proactiv system to bring it under some kind of control. I did not want to use proactiv for a long time (a. Because I was preparing to concieve and b. It is expensive 🙂 ). The white mask is great in reducing the spots quickly.

    2. I started using aloe vera gel liberally (at least 2 times a day). I found brihans aloe vera gel to be very useful in reducing oil content in my face, reducing scars and preventing further pimples. It also brought a glow to my face and I didn’t need to use any additional moisturiser on my face.

    3. I started an anti-dandruff treatment. I didn’t have very severe dandruff, but wanted to make sure it was not the factor.

    4. I changed my pillow cover frequently and washed it in dettol. One cause of pimples spreading is by not changing pillow covers and lying on top of the same discarded old dead cells every night.

    5. Use a facewash with Salycylic acid (I personally prefer Clean and Clear – Cheap and Best)

    Hope these tips help you also reduce your pimples and look your best 🙂

  13. Waow lots of amazing tips. From go to derma…to gud face wash. Only tip i can give u right now is… dont use harsh scrubs on ur face. In case u buy a light scrub or may be herbalism which is very gud.. u shld use it every altarnate day and that too very gently. Dnt touch ur face too much and avoid make up .as much as u can. And most ppl forget one thing… stress makes acne worse.. so dont stress

    Off topic : no internet connection at home.. i will be back wid my posts very soon.

  14. I would advise go to a dermatologist as he can better assess your problem as everyone’s case is basically unique.Acne should be dealt with by a professional.

  15. hi all…thank u so much girls for all ur valuable suggestions 🙂 🙂 n anamika..i dont live in india so any alternative to the neem leaves tip??? 😕 :-/

    • yup i have tried this before and it worked for me but those who have sensitive skin should avoid using lemon juice. it might react .

  16. well seems like its serious condition immediately consult the doc first……wait for your skin to heal …..then change your shampoo and opt a shampoo as per dermatalogist recommendation ……pay attention towards your diet drink amla juice each day …… eat black grapes/ blue berries lots of tomatoes and beet root pine apple cabbage ….these are rich in antioxidants helps to prevent acne…if possible eat amla candy too…..avoid junk food and oily food….

    if possible take bath with neem water…..all u have to do is add some neem leaves in water boil it and mix it plain water to make lukewarm water….if u cant find neem leaves just squeeze few drops of lemon in your bath tub…….neem water bath is extremely helpful in eliminating acne and other skin disorder….

    be very particular about the skin care porducts……plz chose the moisturizer cleanser and toner as prescribed by the dermi……use high end cosmetics or makeup products like mac maxfactor revlon these are high end cosmetics…..plz check the expiry of every products

    i have already suggested a pack for oily skin writing here again….

    2-3 tblspoon of besan
    2-3 tblspoon of gramflour
    2-3 tblspoon of moongdaal
    1-2 tblspoon of sandalwood powder
    1/2 tblspoon of ama haldi
    1-2 tblspooon of neem powder
    1-2 tblspoon of tulsi powder
    1-2 tblspoom of grounded almonds
    1-2 crushed camphor or kapoor tablets

    mix the ingredients and whenever needed mix it with rosewater…..

    alternatively u may make facepack

    2- tablspoon of fuller earth powder
    1 tablspoon of sandalwood powder
    1 tablespoon of neem powder
    1 tablespoon of tulsi powder…..

    hope it may help

  17. hello frnds..:)i hv a big serious pro..:( my neck part z getting dark..tried evrythng frm home remedies to scrubs.. bt nothing seems to workin out..

    • hi gunn singh- ur skin is becoming pigmented on the neck? like the skin is becoming really dark ? if it is what i think it is its called acanthosis nigricans…it cannot be dealt with superficially, u need to address the underlying cause. its a symptom of endocrinal disorder.

  18. Dear All,

    Sorry for going through all the girls-talk above. But I am also suffering from same pimple problem.

    I am 26, Male, Staying in Delhi. I have lots of dry pimples on my cheeks. Those pimples are in same condition and same look-a-like from long time, in the mean time i am getting 2-3 new pimples every alternative days which automatically recovers in next 3-4 days and always leaving a spot on cheeks skin. Its looking very odd now-a-days.

    Please suggest me some short term and short time integrated process to recover from it. Usually I dont have much time to spend this matter bcoz of the corporate life. Hope you people will understand my problem.

    Kindly revert back.


  19. hey, me also hv the same prblm pimples, blackspots n whiteheads. n my nose s gtng ltl bt dark from da side. i hv a dry skin. i’m gtng married n nxt yr may. n ds s rly ptng me dwn i’m dark so the pimples n all showng ma face wrse. i dnt knw [email protected] to use to ma skin for nw i’m usng OLAY cream (original 1 frm dubai) bt no results frm [email protected] if ur’l cn tl me [email protected] to use please face wash n a gud scrub atleast homemade 1. please 😥
    thnx…. 🙂
    luv Judith 🙂
    frm Sri Lanka :-))

  20. I am 20yrs old i too have the same problem i mean pimple, acne, pimple scars, pimple pits on my cheeks and chin.. i am so fair that my pimple marks and scars are easily visible to all.. pimple are quite redish and pinkish in color.. I am going to get married INSHA Allah by next year or 2014 so i want my face to be clean with no pimple marks, pits etc so please do help me get rid of it.. i have normal skin.. pls suggest me some nice home remedies as well as something that i could purchase from medical or supermarket nearby my place at Bangalore.. pls do suggest me soon pls.. thanks in advance

  21. everything is nonsensical, i tried out every cream salsic face wash, adafin, cyndam.., nothin is workinnnnn. bloody dermats are fillin der pockets. i hav tried proactive it burned my face.
    just let it be… its a lie big fat lie dat creams work.

  22. hi,I am 17,i too have the same problem that I have lots of blackspots.however I controled eatng oil items,bt sufferng 4m pimples.kindly help me :-((

  23. hey use mix up cream, retion-a, eukroma cream, panderm plus cream mix it well and apply at night see result after 10 days

  24. m 20yrs old i too have the same problem i mean pimple, acne, pimple scars, pimple pits on my cheeks and chin.. ll.. pimple are quite redish and pinkish in color.. I am going to get married INSHA Allah by next year or 2014 so i want my face to be clean with no pimple marks, pits etc so please do help me get rid of it.. i have normal skin.. pls suggest me some nice home remedies as well as something that i could purchase from medical or supermarket nearby my place at Bangalore.. pls do suggest me soon pls.. thanks in advance


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