Best Hydrating Body Lotions For Winters


Best Hydrating Body Lotions For Winters

We all love winters..!! Winters have a unique charm, we love to dress up in this season, playing with colors and we have so much of stuff to experiment with, so much of things to contrast with. With love of boots to scarves, from those long coats to leather jackets, those cute knitted gloves and caps. I desperately wait for winters to come and yess they are coming! 🙂

Iraya Lotus Body Lotion Texture

But with all these fashion and craze, winters bring dryness as well. We all need to be very careful in winters to hide from those dry winds which scratch our cheeks and lips, our arms and legs. If you lack a little to hydrate them you will ruin every excitement.

The cold wind and atmosphere snatches all the moisture present from our skin as well. As we all drink very less water thus our body start getting dry and our skin becomes the mirror to show every scratch.

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So today we will be discussing the best body lotions which are easily available in market that will help hydrating your skin.

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Whip Body Lotion

Price: Rs 595 for 250 ml

Body Shop use all Natural ingredients and its super natural products don’t need any introduction.

Though it’s little costly but every penny is worth it as a very little amount is needed at a time. It spreads well and is amazingly hydrate the skin. This body lotion contains Vitamin A and E which nourishes the skin and makes it super soft.

Also it has a great fragrance which will last whole day.

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating Body Lotion

Price: Rs 220 for 200 ml

Vaseline Aloe Fresh

This is one of the fantastic body lotions which will hydrate your skin and make it soft. It is non sticky and gets quickly absorbed in the skin. Vaseline comes in a very reasonable price and it easily available in market. A small pack is also available in the market. As we all know how good is Aloe vera for our skin and this body lotion is filled with aloe vera and its goodness. Aloe vera has hydrating properties and is good for all the seasons. This lotion comes with SPF 15.

Parachute Advanced Butter Smooth Body Lotion (Dry Skin)

Price: Rs 130 for 250 ml

Parachute Butter Smooth Lotion

Parachute brand is known for its branding through Coconut oil and Coconut milk. This brand has established itself by displaying the skin benefits through coconut nourishment.

If you have seen the advertisement of this body lotion on T.V of husband chasing her wife and touching all over her body, you certainly would have that wanted feeling of buying this product.

This body lotion is made for extra dry skin which is almost perfect for normally dry skin in winters i.e we really need this to hydrate our skin. The fragrance is enchanting and is good for both men and women.

VLCC Almond Body Lotion

Price: Rs 240 for 350 ml

Almonds are considered for its nutrition and are extremely healthy for skins growth and glow.

It will help you to remain free from pigmentation and also contains SPF 15 that will help you from harmful rays of. Winters doesn’t mean that SPF is not required, every season needs protection from sun.

This body lotion will hydrate your skin for the whole day.

Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion

Price: Rs 250 for 400 ml

It is especially made to treat the dry sin, this body lotion has the natural and organic formula which will super hydrate your sin. Also it has the ingredients of olive oil, wheat gram, cocoa butter and grape seed oil.

It is easily available in markets and many times is available with clubbed offer.

Have you tried any of these body lotions before?

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