Best Indian Spices Used In Skincare


Best Indian Spices Used In Skincare

Spices are intrinsic to our lives and we cannot do without them, yes we are Indians! I mean who does not love that spicy, mouthwatering food that we get into Indian kitchens compared to relatively less spicy and bland food overseas. No one understands these spices better than us and we also know the medical benefits more than any western country.

Spices are medically rich is what we know. Ginger is good for a sore throat, garlic increases digestion, turmeric is a good antiseptic and so on, and this is what we all know. But what if I tell you that these spices are also good for your skin! I am sure most of you either would not believe me or would be astonished enough to at least try it once soon. So, let’s see how we can go about it and we can do some good to our skin, the natural way!


turmeric milk

You know about its antiseptic benefits, I am sure. For every pain, hurt, you are using this as the natural treatment. But have you tried it over your skin as a paste! I am sure you have. Weddings are a common occasion when you see it being applied over a bride’s skin for giving it a nourished look and shiny face.

turmeric facial hair

Now try this. Mix turmeric wth honey and apply on your face for good 20 minutes. After the duration gently remove it after messaging it and see the difference. Turmeric would act as an exfoliator and remove all impurities off your skin, making it glow as well.


DIY Ginger face mask Step1+face pack

Ginger as I already said is known for its effect on a sore throat. But it is also a very good skin’s glow and sheen. If you apply ginger juice on your face, you would see a lot of difference in your skin before and after. It imparts an instant glow to your face and makes it free of impurities too. It might hurt at the beginning with a burning sensation but eventually the irritation would fade out and what would result would be just amazing.


Another hidden spice that is known to flavor food with an ecstatic smell and taste, is pepper. Black pepper is also known for its effect on the skin when it is affected by blemishes and acne. It gives a heat generating effect to close the pores and complete the effective cleaning of any breakouts on the skin.

greek yogurt skin care

You can use it with yoghurt and apply on the skin for a couple of minutes to see the difference it can make to your skin.


cinnamon for skin care

Cinnamon is already known for increasing blood circulation and is good for heart. Its benefits for the skin are also not very meager. Rather, it is a very good source of imparting blood redness to your skin and even lips.

It can be used to make blush at home and also in making foundation. It helps in stimulating the blood circulation and gives the desired shiny look. Even for the lips, if mixed with a lip balm, it can help to provide the rosy lips you always longed for.

I am sure you were equally surprised to know the benefits like I am. Do try these and share your experiences. However please ensure you use these spices in adequate quantities and do not harm yourself.

Have you tried any of these spices for skincare?

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