Best Inexpensive Night Cream Suggestions


Aknksha Kaul asks,

I have combination skin and am looking for inexpensive night cream.I don’t have an face skin issues except for occasional breakouts.
 Looking forward for your suggestions.


inexpensive night cream suggestions


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  1. lotus nutranite and HImalaya are inexpensive night creams good for combo skin.. you could also use any aloe gel instead of a cream. 🙂

  2. the cheapest and the most effective night cream i use is Boroline. it does what it shud. keeps ur skin very hrdrated and plump. no flakes, dry spots. smooth and hydrated looking skin.

  3. I have been using Retino A as a night cream fr last few months. My doc recommended it for anti ageing so I use the lowest strength. costs only 120 odd bucks and doesn’t react with moisturiser…. so you use a moisturiser if needed and Retin A on top, in summer skip moisturiser, it controls oil. Only thing is you HAVE to apply 30 mins after washing face else your face will peel like crazy…

    It has taken care of pores, fine lines and acne blemishes vanish super fast. Don’t think I will use any other night cream… this is my HG!! if it suits you nothing like it…


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