Best Ingredients To Look For In A Moisturizer And Shampoo


Hello Lovely Ladies,

Can you please advise me on what are the ingredients that one should look out while buying any moisturiser and shampoo. In some of the product reviews i read ‘it contains parabens, SLS and that the reason for the product getting minus points. So it basically means Parabens, SLS are bad for skin and causes skin cancer / skin allergies. I never knew about this earlier and thanks for your site and your efforts in enlightening others (people like me) about these ingredients. So i need your advise and my blogging friends suggests on this.

Thank you so much for bringing out such a wonderful website. I have to accept, I was never makeup-holic but after getting introduced to your website…i have become one and am actively reading all the postings made by you.

My shopping haul includes (Fab India’s Vitamin E depigmentation Creame,

Fab India Vitamin E Hydrating Creame,

Lakme Glide on Pencile.(glittery black, Sapphire, Peacock Green, Aqua Green)

Lakme Perfect Radiance compact,

Maybelline lip smooth  Lip balm with spf 16,

biotique kajal,

St. Ives Body Moisturisor, Baba Ramdev’s Aloe Vera Gel,

Patanjali Amala Candy,

Few soaps, Patanjali coconut Oil, Badam Oil) etc…that is as of now….the list goes on like this..I have no regrets till now buying these product and I am trying to groom myself every day.

Please accept my heartful thanks and belated happy holi to everyone

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Best Ingredients to look for in a moisturiser


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  1. If you have dry skin then you can look for moisturiser which contains emollients and water binding agents.

    Safe emollients such as silicon, lanolin and some animal oils even shea butter.
    water inding agents are elasting, hyaluronic acid

    For shampoos you can use wise she famously reviewed and experienced by many Fab India aloevera protein shampoo and conditioner.

  2. Hie Dhanu,

    you will find very few shampoos which do not have propylene glycol and SLS in them.I myself have been using them reduce down their harsh effect I dillute either apple cider vinegar, water or egg .
    this is easiest way to protect your hair otherwise you can buy any of the body shop shampoo here they have got the least harmful ingredients in them when compared to others.
    We have around 20 -30 shampoo reviews on wise she.You can go through them or else I am always there to help:)

  3. Hi Anamika,

    I have got the question wrong. What i meant to ask was …what are the ingredients that anybody should avoid or be careful while buying any cosmetics. In some of the product reviews, you have mentioned to avoid Parabens & SLES, which is again an harmful ingredients. Likewise, what are the other ingredients in a product, one should avoid while buying!! I am now cautious of buying only Paraben free & SLES Free products. Am i getting the right question.

    • hmm alright..

      for shampoos i will say SLS AND SLES .SLES is like a washing detergent.:P

      There is phthalates also which is found to be cause liver cancer ..but it is present in few shampoos only.

    • Most of the shampoos contain SLS or SLES and if they don’t, they are overpriced like TBS. So probably, to minimize the harm, you could try diluting the shampoos. 2 ways to do the same have been discussed by Anamika and Prerana here. You can try them and also most other herbal remedies for hair.

  4. Paraben category includes methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben….present in Moisturisors, creams etc…which needs to be avoided while buying a cosmetic.

  5. Hi Dhanu
    Well, first of all, I would like to clear some misconceptions regarding parabens and SLS…
    parabens are basically preservatives and they are used in very very minute concentrations in the products that is why they are listed at the bottom of the ingredient list…the bottom most ingredients are less than 1% in concentration in the product so you can yourself imagine it is very less….thus they would not effect your skin in anyway and preservatives are very necessary to keep the product safe for usage otherwise bacteria and other microbes begin to breed in the products because of the presence of water…this is also one of the reasons why solid products do not need preservatives as they do not have water base for breeding grounds for bacteria and other microbes….
    regarding SLS well it is actually controversial that whether they are really that harsh as much as they are being portrayed so using that goes on with your preference…in that case I will advise you to try biotique shampoos coz they are the only ones till date I have found to be SLS free and instead they contain reetha…
    also when you are buying hair products check out the ingredient lists for cones….anything ending with cone means the product has silicone….the problem with silicone is that it creates a layer on the hair to give shine and bounce and regular usage of such products creates large deposits on the hair which is not entirely cleaned while washing the hair and this leads to dullness of the hair in long run….
    and for that matter the products you have right now also contain a lot of chemicals so if you think they will irritate your skin go for natural products but also beware that natural products are not as natural as they claim to be so it is better to stick with something which suits you….when you apply something on the skin a very small percentage of the product gets absorbed and the rest just sits on the top of the skin so use your better judgment while choosing skin care products….
    sorry for such a long comment but had to clarify certain misconceptions….

    • Thanks Swati but one thing which i would like to add here

      it is right that 1% of using parabean is not that bad but suppose you use a cleanser, moisturiser and a night cream which has 1% of ultimately one land up using exceeding amount every day.:( so it is better to avoid them..

      • yeah…you can see for the cumulative effect….but then the skin doesn’t absorb that much na???thats how I think but yes definitely I would like to ditch chemicals coz of many reasons apart from skin….writing a post on it…do give your comments πŸ™‚

  6. why didn’t our gurumata Maha didn’t gave her comments here??
    meko jyada nahi pata, only i know ki we should also avoid any loose powder or mineral makeup which contains “Bismith”…i is said to cause breakouts and cancer :pain:

  7. Hello Swati,
    Thank you so much for taking out your precious time in explaining my misconception on Paraben & SlES. Fair amount of Parabens should be fine as it stands as the basic preservative. But, all in all, its always nice to know about the ingredients and their effect before going for it and it actually makes sense.
    I agree with Anamika. I recently got a gift – johnson & johnson baby products from my SIL in US, which i had to pass on to the new born baby in my family. After a week or so, baby started having redness on the skin and a kind of irritation. (Nothing other than Johnson products were tried on the baby) When we consulted the doctor, she advised us to stop using johnson & johnson products, which has bad chemicals in it and that is the reason for causing skin irritation. At this point of time, i was expecting the doctor to suggest some other brand presuming she would promoting that brand, but no she did not and rather advised us not to use any creams and talcum powder on the baby nor introduce him / her to chemicals at that early age. Way back home, i immediately went to the bathroom to check on the ingredients and found paraben in it..only after browsing i understood the effects of it. Hence i thought of raising this question here so that people in general are aware off what ingredients should be avoided while picking up the cosmetics. πŸ˜‰

  8. Thanks Dhanu for asking this Q. Am always told to avoid shampoos with detergent. But how would i know which part of the ingredient is a detergent ? its only been a while i stopped buying supermarket shampoos. Is biotique safe ? i used shahnaz hussain but i didnt quite like it. Any girls using salon products ?

    once a month i mix reetha,shikakai,hibiscus fresh leaves and flowers ( my backyard ) and leave on for half hour. it works good.

  9. Parabens have actually become the bane of beauty products these days but since 99% of the products contain it you cannot simply switch to other alternatives.Plus the effects of parabens is still being debated.
    The best thing to do is to concoct up your own home made natural remedies.Try baking powder and vinegar shampoo.It will help clean your scalp sans any chemicals.You can find the exact recipe at my blog.

  10. parabens have been conclusively linked to breast cancer…. I am really scared of them.. Its only common sense no..lots of companies are coming out with paraben free products..


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