Best INOA Hair Colour In Bangalore


Vaishnavi asks,

Where in Bangalore can I go for a nice INOA hair color? The salon I usually visit has quoted about 6000 INR. Is that a good price or am I being ripped?

I am looking for a global application and I have 5-6 inches below shoulder length hair.

 INOA hair color in Bangalore+hair colour in BANGALORE



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  1. Hello Vaishnavi, I did my hair cutting and styling course just now, INOVA is the best range of L’Oreal and doesn’t damage your hair. In delhi for global application we charge more then 6000. But INOVA is now available at small salons also and they charge less. I have no Idea about Bangalore, but in delhi street salons charge 2000-3000 only.

  2. Hi Vaish, you can try the mirror and reflections salon at UB city, apart from that lemme know which area ur from so that I can suggest the nearest parlors…


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