Best Kajal Brand For Contact Lenses Users


By Shruthi ,

Pls suggest good kajal that is safe for contact lens users


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  1. Hi Shurti..I to wear contact lenses and i use MAC smudges a lot there i pat some eye shadow over it.this way it works fine:)

  2. I wear contact lens and I’ve used biotique kajal and VLCC kajal. They have never given me any irritation. I’ve also tried the Chambor kajal for a whole day and it was good too πŸ™‚

  3. What is happening Prerana, you sending love letters πŸ˜›
    Tum village jakar full rangeen personality ke hogaye :rotfl:

  4. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: I sent Naraaz letter but patched up na πŸ˜‰
    Or you are expecting I send flowers to u to manauu you ?:-)
    yeah I forgot to tell you about that recipe tip, you said the namkeen turned out soft na? It may be bcoz you put more ghee, zyada ghee dalne se woh soft hojate hain.
    When I remembered to tell u this, you were on a vacation, abhi yaad agaya :yes:

  5. I like my glasses…i only wear them while working on my comp and driving…i like to wear it stylish up in my hair like a band…hehe

  6. Ohh..itna zyada power hai kya?? you can look up the net for simple yoga techniques to improve eye sight…one is to rub your nail beds against each other..and there is this particular pressure point on our palm that does it…please go through it online and then start practicing…

    • ohh !!! hope this helps thought i use chambor waterproof eyeliner ..i don know whether it is available now or not.

  7. Hello Anamika,
    I have not bought the Chambor Kajal yet, but wanted to know which is the good kajal, which can be applied on the waterline (for contact lens users) that would not smudge. My sister wears lens and i suggested her Biotique, but that too smudges? So i want to suggest her Chambor?

  8. Thanks Anamika, i will surely try one for myself and then suggest that to my Sis. Hey did you ever try Maybelline’s lip balm, i picked up yesterday from Health & Glow and it costed me just 99 bucks and has SPF 16 in it!!! Am just loving it. YOu should try them.


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