Best Kajal /Eye Pencil Waterline In Blue & purple color?


Vaishnavi asks,

“Which is the best kajal or eye pencil for the waterline in blue & purple color?”


best blue colour kajal for waterline



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  1. Hey, try maybelline vivid and smooth liner. It’s available in both the colors and many more, stays on for long time. Priced at 200 each, it’s a steal. I already have 4 of them.

  2. FACES Canada…long staying and affordable ! Do checkout at the counter and then decide…i’m sure you wont comeback empty handed..

  3. I like faces for both blues and purples…they actually show up on the waterline and stay for a while..Bourjois contour and khol liners r also quite nice and dont smdge at all 🙂

  4. For purple, Colorbar prunella is a great color and fab texture.
    For blue I can say one thing don’t go for Lakme 9 to 5.. thanks to them I have cried blue 🙁

  5. Both Faces Nay Blue and Prunella of Colorbar stings if i apply on the waterline of my eyes. So what i do is apply slighty outside. It is very disappointing but what to do ? Except for Mumtaz delux kajal and cocobar i can’t apply purple and Blue avoid lakme glide ons [they turn my eyes red] on waterlines they are only for the eyelids [atleast for me].


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