Best Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipsticks For Fair Skin Tone


Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipstick Suggestions

Hello Everyone,

So after reviewing the Lakme Crease-Less Creme Lipsticks I am compiling a post on the best shades of lipsticks from the range which will suitable compliment fair skin tone and are worth buying! Let me tell you that the 9to5 Crease-less creme range of lipsticks is basically targeted to being apt for daily and office wear and have only subtle shades of peach, pink & nudes mostly and have a very few bold shades as usually we don’t wear very bold and bright shades to office!

So lets have a quick look at all the pretty shades from the range which will be apt for beauties with fair skin tone.

About Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipstick:

Make an impeccable impact with a single stroke of confidence!

New Lakme 9to5 Crease-less lipstick has 20 work ready shades which are not only long lasting but also totally crease-less! Its ultra-creamy texture glides smoothly, and hides lines in one stroke. SPF 15, vitamin E, olive oil and jojoba oil keep your lips nourished and healthy all day long.

Price: INR 450

Packaging– These lipsticks come in a regular golden-bronze retractable bullet with a tight shut lock cap which makes it very travel friendly. The lipsticks are compactly packed and can be carried even in a small sized clutch easily for the touch ups!

Lets begin with the lipstick shades now! 🙂

Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipstick Rosy


The shade Rosy review is a lovely soft baby pink shade which looks just natural on the lips on mainly fair skin tones. The shade consists of tiny shimmers which are very well infused and look very retty on application. The shade is totally going to suit the fair skin tones.

lakme crease-less rosy review fotd

Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipstick Candy Commission

lakme 9to5 creaseless candy commission lip swatch

Candy Commission as the name suggests is a lovely peach shade with slight pink undertones in it. It looks decent and more peachy in natural day light. The shade does consist of shimmers which are not gritty and give a beautiful sheen on the lips. The shade is more apt for a casual outing or a party and not  office-wear in my opinion. This will look much better on fair skin tones as it may wash out medium & dusky skin tones easily!

lakme9to5 candy commission fotd

Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipstick Pink Charge

lakme 9to5 creaseless lipstick pink charge lip swatch

Pink Charge is a vibrant baby pink shade with dominant undertones of peach shade making it look very bright in natural daylight. I don’t think the shade is going to suit medium or dusky skin tones and is apt for the fair complexions keeping in mind that the shade has fine shimmers which might wash out many skin tones except the fair skinned beauties.

lakme 9to5 creaseless pink charge

Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipstick Coral Case

lakme 9to5 creaseless coral case lipstick

Coral Case as we have already discussed in the review is not an everyday shade for all skin tones but only milky white fair skin tones can enjoy it without caring much about the onlookers. The lipstick doesn’t give an even application which is something not expected from such a great formulation of crease-less creme lipsticks. The shade is a coral peach shade without any pink or nude undertones. Well, this is one shade that goes exceptionally well for all the fair skin tones! 🙂

lakme 9to5 coral case fotd

Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipstick Pink Pursuit

lakme 9to5 creaseless lipstick pink pursuit lip swatches

Pink Pursuit is mainly a nude peach shade with very light pink undertones. It gives different colors under different lights like natural light it looks more of a subtle nude shade with light peach hue while at night it gives an impression of nude pink shade.

I hope you like these suggestions and do tell me which one did you like the most?

Have you tried Lakme 9To5 Crease-Less Creme Lipsticks?

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  1. I liked Rosy review the most! Gonna try that 🙂 I have Coral Case but as you said it is not a shade which can be worn daily…suits only very fair skin tones!

  2. which lakme lipstick and lipliner suits for dark skin colour.. if itz 9\5 that would be mote pleasing,,ehich one do i select..

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