Best Leave In Conditioner Suggestions


Neha Singh asks,

Please tell me bout leave-in conditioners and recommend one… I also want to know which compact should I buy for daily use… my skin is oily with some pores… it should even have SPF…


best leave in conditioners+Bet leave in conditioners


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  1. I am not too aware of leave in conditioners but for a daily compact I qould recommend the Maybelline one (150 bucks) and the TBS compact. I am oily skin with a few pores too..

    • I second her!!! Maybelline one comes with spf 15 and is available with discounts online and I have oily skin too.Leave-in conditioners are the ones which you don’t wash off after applying and you use them instead of a normal conditioner instead of with them. Pantene and L’oreal have decent leave-in conditioners. However, since most of the conditioners have preservatives and the whole lot, I prefer the washing them out :-))

  2. Schwarzkoph has an amazing Leave in conditioner as part of the Moisture Kick range…I use it and have really gud thins to say about it…its a bit on the procier side, but its totally worth it.

    Wrt a compact, i luv using Lakme’s perfect radiance compact…

  3. I can totally suggest this….

    Leave-in: After a lot of trials I have loved Herbal Essences Long-term relationship and Aussie Hair Insurance

    Compact: Revlons compact is amazing, even I have the same skin type…If you want something talc-free I also love Lotus compact 🙂

      • Not in India unfortunately, It’s a spray on moisture for your hair Zara, perfect without weighing it down and you don’t have to feel like you’re doing any harm to your hair, I love it for days when I don’t oil my hair before bath 🙂
        It’s very easily available in the US though

        • oooohh.. i lurrrvv the AUSSIE leave-in 🙂 the smell is just too good.. and i totally second ur opinion abt it not weighing down the hair :yes: :yes:
          but mine is gettin over 🙁

          • I knoww! It smells so coconutty nice!! Mine too, thats why I alternate between that and herbal essences so that they both last till my sister comes next, wonderwhen these brands ll start retailing here!! 🙁

  4. The Trichup serum is great for the leave in. And Maybelline compact will be perfect for oily skin. Actually it suits any skin type..Or you can go for kyolan loose powder.


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