Best Lip Gloss for office wear-Suggestions


Palma asks,

I like lip glosses more then lipsticks for everyday. So gals please recommend me few best lip glosses which are suitable for office wear?


Best Lip Gloss for office wear- suggestions



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  1. U can go for Maybelline lip glosses and also Lotus lip glosses!
    Also u can wear tinted lip balms like nivea pink guava and pomegranate!Avon tinted lipbalms!:))

  2. you can try lakme lip love balms . . they are as good as they look 🙂 🙂 . .
    i also like maybelline fruit jelly,makes my lip look voluptuous, but staying power is little low 🙁

  3. I think Loreal 9 to 5 lip glosses are the best. They have a natural tone to them and they really stay on for long though one may find them a lill sticky..

  4. I have been trying the Lakme lip gloss for sometime, but my lips are very dry and even the gloss vanishes in sometime. I have tried various brands, but nothing helped. I think home made gloss with glycerine and olive oil is best. It is 100% natural and gives natural shine. The best way to have pink lips and then apply gloss is to moisturise them well at night before going to bed. I apply a dab of Parachute summerfresh and sleep. The lips remain supple this way and then apply lipstick or gloss when you head out.

  5. Try Maybelline Lip Glosses and Lakme Lip Conditioners 🙂 they’re quite good! You might also try Maybelline watershines – they are glosses in lippie form – very wearable and don’t look like hardcore lippies! 😀

  6. u can try maybelline lip glosses… i love naked brown & chocolate glitters in them…
    nyx girls lip gloss in peah is also my fav.. it gives a sheer finish..
    u can also try avon extralasting lip gloss… though they dont “extra”last… have some really nice shades.. n the quantity is huge for the price… i love lingering plum which is a nice pink… 🙂
    nivea fruity lip balms are gr8 too… gotta lay my hands only on pomegranate.. n love it 😀


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