Lipstick shades for fair skin – Suggestions


By Suruchi ,

I have been using brown lipsticks through out my life like most of the Indian woman do .Now I realized I was badly  mistaken and have missed so many beautiful lipstick shades.Can you please recommend me lipsticks for fair skin .

lipstick shades for fair skin

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  1. Hi Suruchi ,

    wine colours, plum,wine reds looks radiant on fair skin 🙂
    even lip glosses looks amazing try them too.
    some time bright colour don’t suit fair skin and last and not the least experiment 🙂

  2. Annu ji..aap to antaryami ho.. 😀 😀 Most dark shades never suit me, :-* but I dont give up so easily..After all, I am a lipstick lover.. :laugh: I apply dark shades like reds, fuschia, browns very sheer..and sometimes top up my browns with a dark pink lipstick applied most of the times..


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