Best Lipstick Shades For Yellow Skin Tones


Best Lipstick Shades For Yellow Skin Tones

Hello, My makeup geeks!

How well is your makeup-stash growing? Venturing into the field of makeup as a beginner, no matter how addictive and exciting it may look like, can also get a tad bit intriguing. Especially, when it comes to choosing colors to suit your skin tone!

Colored makeup can make your look from drab to fab just with a swipe of a gorgeous lip color. But the main problem is, which color to choose, which will subtly amp up your beauty without overwhelming your entire look? So, here is a quick guide for all the yellow skin tones, to keep your best lip forward. 😉

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Which Sub-category of Yellow Skin Tone do I Fit In?

Now this is a hard question I am glad you have finally realized what skin type and undertones you possess, but the main question still remains unanswered! Yellow undertones in your skin clearly indicate that your skin is lurking on the warm side of the spectrum. But the inquisitiveness to know your correct skin tone does not end here! You are not just warm or cool and yellow or pink there’s a lot more to you than just warmth and coolness. 😉

What needs to be deciphered is the fact that whether you are a dark-warm toned person or a light-warm toned person! Look at the quick how-to below!

Dark-Warm undertones

Think of our dearest Anamika here! She has a gorgeous olive-brown Indian skin with very clear Yellow undertones! But what distinguishes her skin type is the skin’s tendency to change color to a darker hue when exposed to sun. Most skins with medium to olive-brown tones tend to have dark-warm and earthy warm undertones to them.

Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick Fuchsia Flare lipswatch

Light-Warm Undertones

Now, think of me (if you can!). I have fair-medium Indian skin with very visible yellow undertones but my skin color does not darken in the sun in fact it changes to a slight golden tinge! Here is the main difference between the two. Most very fair to fair and medium skin tones fit under this category.

Sugar Eye told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner LOTD

Which Lipstick Shades to Chose?

For Dark-Warm Undertones:

Your olive-brown, yellow tinged skin looks the most gorgeous in deep berries, rich mahoganies, dark-tangy-oranges, fiery reds and warm browns! Though nudes and pale lipsticks are universally unflattering for your skin type but if you love it, you wear it! As simple as that!

MAC Vival glam +mac viva glam iii review+mac viva glam iii swatch

Lipstick Suggestions:

colorbar orange vif lipswatches

For Light-Warm undertones:

Your fair-medium skin with golden-yellow undertones has a match made in heaven with sun-kissed nudes, dusty-pinks, sandy oranges and everything light and warm! Though pulling off dark and loud shades is not easy for your skin type on a regular basis you can always opt for rich and vibrant wine-berry shades as well as reds leaning towards brick-reds and deep oranges!

MAC Viva Glam1 Lipstick Review_Bombshell+viva glam

Lipstick Suggestions:

So here was my know all-tell all guide on matching the best lipstick shades with your gorgeously warm yellow skin tones whether dark or light! But no one has the right to tell you what is wrong and what is right! When it comes to lipsticks or any makeup in that case, there are no boundations! Let your heart roam free, and choose what it likes! But if the choices are a little thought after more power to you and your makeup! :*

Have you tried these lipsticks for Yellow Skin tones?

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    • If you look deeply and decide what is your actual skin tone type—you can rock almost any color un der the same spectrum! 🙂


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