Best Lipsticks That Do Not Transfer At All!


Best Lipsticks That Do Not Transfer At All!

I am a person who wants to have the least makeup during normal days and if I get to know about my lipstick being smudged and having gone for a toss, I would never go to the washroom to do anything about it. Result is, I stay without lipstick till the day ends. I barely find time to replenish it nor do I feel the need for it. Also, I feel bad when my lipstick gets transferred to the cup I sipped my morning coffee from where I can already see it leaving me. Now with this disheartening start to the day every morning, one is bound to be out of makeup soon, isn’t it?

colorbar lipstick for dusky indian skin

I have now finally started using non-transferable lipsticks which stay a little longer than normal ones and now the glasses and cups do not speak about me being their favorite kisser. 😀

I am listing here some of these lipsticks that I confer as the best of the lot and are totally to be a part of the vanity. Go grab them!

Lakme Absolute Matte Lip Colour 201 Pure Glam Lipstick

Lakme Absolute Matte Lip Color 201 Pure Glam+products of lakme

Wiseshe has been a patron of this lip color since ages and there is no fallacy in saying that this lipstick indeed is worth it. It does not transfer and is already 5 years old in the market. Plus the creamy texture and smooth finish has already made millions of women its fan. We reviewed it last 3 years ago and it was much in demand for the same reason that it does not smudge and is non-transferable. The lip color has an added advantage that it does not bleed. The color itself is suited to all skin tones including dusky ones. So women! Go grab this one.

Colorbar Lipstick Ranges- Liquid lip colors

Colorbar Kiss Proof Lip Stain - 004 Blush Crush Packaging

The thing that makes people hesitant about using lip colors which are liquid is that they are quite sticky at times and often transfer very quickly. But then came the Colorbar liquid lip color range in 14 colors which are non-transferable and kiss-proof, as we can say. Specially the Extra Durable Lipstick New color from Colorbar is definitely a proof of what the brand commits. More you use these color ranges, more you fall for them. And I totally validate what the brand says about the product, it does stay longer!

Colorbar Lipstick Ranges Lipsticks

Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipsticks.

Colorbar has also bestowed us with a non-sticky lipstick range which is also non-transferable, creamy and easily applicable. The range of colors is not very wide but their impact for sure is quite wide. There are 6 colors with different feel and appearance make it a great thing to have.

Maybelline 14 hour Super Stay lipstick Non Stop Red


This is another must have as this lipstick comes from Maybelline. It has a global repute of making women look amazing. The red color of the lipstick is amazingly suitable for Indian skin. The brand itself says the lipstick stays for 14 hours which is due to its long stay non-transferable formula. I believe this is certainly a must have. The name Non-Stop Red is also apt given its easy to apply feature.

I am sure you would agree, lipsticks need to be chosen wisely too. With Wiseshe, I am sure you are now well equipped to have a short cut in getting these reviews and purchasing your own lip color!

Have you tried these long staying lipsticks?

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