Best Liquid Eyeliners For The Winged Eye Look


Best Liquid Eyeliners For The Winged Eye Look

I guess you have noticed that I prefer using liquid liner when drawing wing or cat liner. I have been asked many times how do I manage to work with liquid liners. The answer is a good liquid liner and steady hands.

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Steady hands you can achieve through practice, as you know, practice makes perfect. And as per suggesting my favorite black liquid liners to nail the perfect wing, here is the list!

Avon SimplyPretty Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

pretty water proof liquid eyeliner
It is a very black eyeliner and as per the name it is quite intense black color. It applies smoothly and evenly. And it is waterproof, smudge-proof and comes at an affordable price. Also it is jet black, has a creamy texture which settles in matte finish, pigmented and stays long. It is dermatologist tested.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy in Black


A glossy black which is great for special occasions and festive looks. The texture is neither too thick, nor too runny, it’s just right, pigmented and stays long.

The Balm Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner


Schwing is really the deep dark blackest black liquid liner I came across, as claimed it is certainly the darker shade of Black liquid liner you can expect. Once it dries down it looks almost matte, not flat out matte but good enough not to have that satiny sheen. The texture is right enough to get precise line in single stroke. The felt tip is flexible and hence gives control to get the line required as per your liking. It stays nicely for 6-7 hrs without fading or flaking.

Faces Liquid Eyeliner in Black

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Quick drying liquid formulation along with felt tip applicator brush ensures precise, fine application of eye liner to enhance, shape and draw attention to eyes. It almost feels like a creamy gel formula and hence it just glides on the lids like a dream. Faces Liquid Eye Liner doesn’t smudge or fade easily and is perfect for everyday use.

Benefit Magic Ink Jet-Black Liquid Eyeliner

inkjet liquid eyeliner
Another product of benefit which is much hyped like the benetint and They’re real Mascara. This product really makes the brand shine. The Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Liner is truly a magic ink. The brush is really soft and flexible which assures you precise application on your eyes. And if you’re a perfectionist and you want your eyeliner to be accurate then this is made for you.

NYC Liquid Eyeliner 887 Black Noir

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New York Color is an affordable cosmetics line. The liquid eyeliner is one of the many eyeliners/eye pencils the company sells. Long-lasting, creamy formula dries fast and stays put for hours. Himani says, This eyeliner is among the few darkest black eyeliners I have used in my life. The color is really intense and I love that it has a brush applicator. Even the handle is a long one which makes the application easier for me for sure. Apparently, Megan Fox did mention this eyeliner as being one of her favorites. That is enough for at least trying it once.

Coastal Scent Liquid Eyeliner in Jet

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Anamika says, This is so black and pigmented. I like the glossiness which it gives .With this its waterproof, doesn’t smudge and lasts throughout the day. It’s one of the most long staying eyeliners I have. Felt tip applicator has sturdiness to it which I find so easy to use that I can draw almost everything with it.

Chambor Smooth On Eye Liner in Carbon Black

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Divya says, Carbon Black is a jet-black color. I love the slim brush that comes with it which is great while playing around during application i.e. thin or thick lines depending on my desire. It is so opaque and glides smoothly over lids. And it goes on creamy and settles to a matte finish. It is smudge proof and is water resistant as well unless you rub it way too hard with soap or a makeup remover, it won’t come off. Stays put as long as you desire. There is absolutely no fading.

Do you use liquid liner to draw your wing? Tell us your favourite..


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