Save, Spend & Splurge Wise She – Liquid Eyeliners


Save, Spend & Splurge Wise She – Liquid Eyeliners


Hello wise she beauties!

I just love the way this series is getting response. You guys are totally drooling over and are suggesting me different topics to pick up for the series. So, recently our amazing writer Ayushi requested me to do a post on liquid eyeliners in the series. Believe me or not, i already had plans of doing liquid eyeliners and precison pen eyeliners after you loved the gel eyeliner part of the series. Sravanthi, i remember your Marc Jacobs precision eyeliner pen and will surely pick it up for the reserved part of the series.

And guys, whatever i miss by chance ( i never miss your precious reviewed products intentionally) you can add them as suggestions in the comments . as i always say, i simply love reading your comments and hearing from you :*

Let us see what all comes under our series today


elle 18 black out liner


Elle 18 eyeliner


Price – Rs. 65

this one is surely college goers’ favourite.

  • This liner has a mild smell and a water but non runny base.
  •  It comes packed in the usual glass bottle packaging of Elle 18.
  • Elle 18 makes such colorful and pocket friendly cosmetics that suites the budget of every teen.
  • This liquid liner has a watery base as it gets applied very smoothly. It has a good pigmentation and its brush does the actual trick. It’s so thin that it can easily draw very fine to bolder lines. One swipe itself gives a nice color that brightens up the whole face and one more locks in the color of the liner.

Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Eyeliner


Maybelline HyperGlossy Liner


Price- Rs. 225.You may get it from flipkart here.

The color of the eyeliner is jet black. Its intensely pigmented and a single swipe is enough for showing the jet black color. True to its name, the eyeliner doesn’t have matte finish, but it has glossy finish. This glossy finish stays till the time the eyeliner isn’t removed. Available in different colours.

Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eyeliner


lotus Herbals OPULENCE botanical eye liner review


Price- Rs. 185.You may get it from flipkart here.

The camphor present in the liner gives a very nice cooling effect on your eyelids. The cooling effect is very temporary but it feels really nice- similar to what Lotus Herbals kajal gives. It is also available in different colours.


Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner 


Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Photos & Swatches


Price- Rs. 635

Elegant, sexy and sophisticated! Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner allows you to emphasize your eyes with precision! Dries quickly and lasts all day! Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe! Smudge-proof! The flexible tip applicator is perfect for creating a precise line! Ophthalmologist tested, suitable for contact lens wearers! Available in two shades; Blackest Black and Black Brown!



LAKME ABSOLUTE SHINE LINE EYELINER+lakme absolute shine eyeliner +lakme matte eyeliner reviews


Price- Rs. 425.You may get it from flipkart here.

This liner had an appeal, the whole packaging, the black matte finish, the brush and the price too. I mainly picked it up for the brush and the packaging.

Enhance your eyes with just a single stroke. This water-based formulation stabilized with unique thickeners delivers deep color and an intense pearl finish that lasts through the day. Comes with a long handle applicator to create smooth, defined lines.

• Intense shine
• One stroke color
Available in 4 shades.


MAC liquid eyeliner in boot black

Price- $19.50

A liquid eye liner formula packaged with a unique applicator for precision application. Liquid Eye Liner is the perfect product for lining and defining the eyes. Use it to subtly enhance or create bold lines. Because it’s ideal for creating graphic designs anywhere on the face and body, don’t limit the use of Liquid Eye Liner to the eye area. The firm, tapered tip of the applicator is easy to control and allows for a quick and precise application of the liner. Liquid Eye Liner is long-wearing, smudge-resistant and can be easily removed with Pro Eye Makeup Remover.

MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner


MAC Superslick Liquid Eye-Liner Defiantly Feline


Price – Rs. 1400

MAC Superslick liner comes with a soft sponge felt tip applicator which gives flawless application. One can draw thinnest  to bold line with it and staying power of these eyeliners are amazing. I just swatches them 3 in the afternoon and they are still intact. To my surprise not even one of the eyeliner has faded a bit even after nine hours.Yes! It’s 12 at night right now.

Tell us your favourite liquid eyeliner?

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    • Thank you ritiku 🙂 yes, I guess most of us are always confused about eyeliners. I am still confused why I don’t get perfect wings 😛

    • I love my maybelline gel eyeliner more. Maybelline is a sure shot solution for good quality products at decent price


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