Best Long Lasting Eyeliner Suggestions


Nidhi asks,

I am looking for an eyeliner which last for long as I am a working woman and don’t have the time to reapply them again and again.Any suggestions ladies?




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  1. Any suggestions for layman like me who have no idea how to apply a gel eyeliner 🙁 .. Which ones are good pencil eyeliners?

    • Hey Anushri,

      Maybelline gel liner is the easiest 2 apply.. coz d brush which comes with it gives a very precise lining.. u can try it at counter..

      Or u can try Lakme Felt tip eye liner..dat too is very good n gives a good control and easy for beginners too..

      in pencils, u can try bourjois ones.. dey r creamy and glide on easily coz of dat 🙂 🙂

  2. Maybelline Gel Eyeliner is the best.. If you are looking for a pencil eyeliner, you can go in for Oriflame Eye Intensity Pencil is my favorite.. Even Colorbar i-glide in Coal mine is intense and stays on longer…

    • Hi Beauties,
      I have tried Maybelline Gel liner, though the staying power is really good but it feels a little heavy for my eyes. Recently, I got L’oreal Gel Liner,and voila….. same ease, same precision but no heaviness….. Loving it as an eyeliner also doubling up as my favourite kajal.

      And i can also swear by Colorbar IGlide…. staying power is really good, and ease of application is also v.good, but it tends to be a lot thicker while applying!!!

      • Hey Anamika..i agree ..but loreal one is really double in pricing..what i do is i just make maybelline gel liner little thin with duraline that it way it feels real light:)

  3. hi nidhi… mac fluidline and colorbar iglide…im in the minority here regarding maybelline but i got a nasty rash on my eyelids after dat,,

  4. I love the Maybelline Gel Liner, and the Lakme Fantasy Liner in Shimmery black, and also the Oriflame Eye Intensity. I also like the revlon stick, which is pricey but very useful.

  5. well Nidhi.. my choices aren’t different either… its Maybelline gel liner or if i m in a hurry… Lakme insta liner….
    if u r looking for a kajal then my suggestion wud be colossal kajal…. :rock-n-roll:

  6. forgot to mention… colorbar iglide is great too… u get to choose a variety of colors…

    u can also read reviews by Ana & others on faces, bourjois, chambor & loreal eyeliner pencils here…. they are fab too.. 😀

    i hv started to use faces eyeliner off late… its nice though a find the brush to be thick 🙂

  7. loreal gel liner is the best. i earlier used maybelline gel liner but i was amazed with the loreal.
    and as they say ‘coz you’re worth it. ; :inlove:


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