Best Loose Powder For Oily Skin


By Ashima,

I have oily skin and I have used few pressed powder which are too yellowish for my skin as I am fair in complexion. Can you tell me whether I should go for loose powder or compact powder.Please recommend some decently price eyeshadow.


best loose powder for oily skin


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  1. i think u sud use transulent powder…it won’t make ur skin tone yellow…it will show natural color of ur skin….b/w lakme rose powder in lighter time is gr8 too

  2. if you want to apply compact you may try Lakme Flawless Matte Compact (that’s specially for oily skin)……………if you want loose powder then use translucent powder………….apply ice before puffing powder…that would keep your skin oil-free for more time.. :-))

  3. Using loose/compact powder entirly depend on your comfort level or lifestyle, but the imp. thing is how you are applying your powder i.e, use puff instead of brush for longevity of powder on skin, also in dabbing n rolling motion specificlly on your oily parts & then go with brush all over face(without powder) for even look!! Start the day with proper application of loose powder and for rest of the day keep compact with your self.
    ALSO primer is very imp. to maintain powder stay all day!!

  4. 😥 I dont have any loose powders !!!
    except lakme rose powder which I gave away to my sister..
    may be my ignorance !!! am a compact girl :chic:

  5. After reading many recos I got the rose powderby lakme n its amaazing…keeps my face oil free for over 5 hours! Definitely try it goooood luck 🙂

  6. I just got the Lakme rose powder, but after wearing it for 2-3 hours it starts itching 🙁 BTW- I have oily & acne prone skin… maybe this is the reason.

  7. I use lakme perfect radiance compact,it’s gud for oily skin.
    Staying power is also gud.

    For eyeshadow i think Ana will answer u…:)


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