Lotus Berry Scrub Review


By Maha,             Lotus Facial Products – Lotus Herbals Berry Scrub Review

  • What Lotus Scrub Claims – For skin that looks as good as it feels, try our Scrub Gel. The creamy lather cleanses and natural exfoliators polish your skin to reveal a glowing complexion.
  • Lotus Berry Scrub Price In India INR 110 for 80g
  • How to use scrub for face – Massage gently over wet skin concentrating on rough spots like nose tip, forehead etc. Wash off.
  • Active Ingredients – Strawberry seeds, aloe vera and extracts of lemon and orange peel.

Lotus Berry Scrub How is It

I had got this product on one of my friend’s recommendation. One fine day, when I reached office, I used this instead of my regular face wash. My friend asked me what I did because my face was looking very bright. No extra points for guessing that i started using it often after that 😀 The worst part came later. My skin became very dry and there weer dry bruised patches around the corners of the mouth. I had to get rid of it with loads of heavy moisturising creams L

But then I found it to be really useful as a foot and hand scrub. Occasionally (read very rarely), I use it for my face too.

What I liked about Lotus Berry Scrub

  • Brightens up the face instantly 🙂 I use this when I want to give my face an instant freshness and brightness
  • A very good exfoliator without any doubt
  • My HG foot and hand scrub 😀
  • Reasonably priced

Lotus Herbals Berry Scrub


What I didn’t like about Lotus Berry Scrub

  • It is not a creamy lather but rather a soapy lather IMO.
  • Continuous usage peels my skin rather than polishing them L Very harsh at least for me!
  • Contains SLS and SLES.

Wise she rating 2/5 as a face scrub and 4.5/5 as a foot scrub 😀

Will I recommend this to others Not really. I know there are people who love this product btu as far as I have used it, I found it to be very harsh. But as a foot scrub, it is never going to fail your expectations 😛 .It is certainly not one of my best scrub 😛

Have you tried Lotus Berry Scrub ?

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    • Umm… I think it should work as a body polish since i like using it as a hand and foot scrub. But the only downside is it deosn’t lather up as much as the TBS one and hence you might be requiring more product in the process.

  1. I agree with you, it’s definitely harsh on the skin. I’m not a big fan of Lotus Herbals but their Fairgel is very nice. Even if you use a little product, it still works great.


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