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I am not a big fan of Lotus herbals products  so tried very few products from their range.I only liked  Lotus herbal botanical tinted lip gloss  in shade Berry Blush and Candy Floss.  Also re-purchased 3 in 1 matte look daily sunblock  which is HG sunblock of many of us.




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How about you ? Which product you liked  from Lotus this year ?


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  1. hmmmm….i did like their new wale glosses..especially watermelon..and their alpine orange peel scrub….was really nice…i dont think i got anythin else from lotus this year..

  2. Except lip balms I don’t have much from Lotus in my cupboard..:( Wonder why ?:-)

    Yeah I bought one Kajal, which I had to throw away and some old nail paints.

  3. i have used the Nutranite (night cream) and the Nutramoist (day cream) and they were both good but I went back to good ol’ oil of olay..:) lotus is not bad but they arent great either..and the brown packaging makes it look dull na?

    • nail paints r not bad ..in toner i liked their basil toner which was introduced long long back 🙂 body lotion..i don remember using any or might have..

  4. I’m not such a big fan of this brand either… they did have some big launches with that Phyto Rx range that is sold exclusively at salons & then that White something glow range – but I stayed away 🙂

  5. i’ve always used their sunscreen and sunblocks but not other products. this year surprisingly i’ve bought most of the skin care products from lotus.

    I’ve got alphamoist, whiteglow emulsion, chocolate lip therapy, keraveda shampoo and pinkblush lipstick.
    they are a good budget buy options so no complaints from my side.

  6. I have used lotus nutranite and i didnt find it to b a gr8 nyt cream .M planning on getting the sunblock since have heard gud reviews of it…


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