Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sunblock Spray SPF 50 Review


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Lotus Herbals Intensive Sunblock Spray with SPF 50 Review

Product claims – This easy to use fine mist spray offers quick protection from UVA & UVB rays. It contains natural actives of chamomile, sage and thyme. Use on all exposed parts of the body, reapply frequently. Sweat and water proof.
Directions for use – Spray directly on all exposed parts of the body (neck, arms, legs etc.) before exposure to sun. For face, spray into hand and apply to face. Re-apply frequently.

Active ingredients – Extracts of sage as a natural sunscreen, chamomile for moisturising & thyme to protect from environmental damage.


Lotus herbals safe sun Intensive sunblock spray SPF 50 Review

Price of lotus herbal safe sun intensive sun block is  – Rs.195 for 80ml

Most of us prefer sunblocks over sunscreens. And since I liked the Lotus herbals anti-tan gel, and the Neutrogena sunblock was a miss for me, I thought I would find my perfect sunblock in Lotus herbals and hence decided to give this a try. The spray packaging was another major point for getting this


Lotus herbals  Intensive sunblock spray SPF 50 Review

What I like about Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sun block Spray SPF 50

  • The spray packaging makes it the most convenient sunscreen to use, especially for application on hands and feet.
  • Quite effective on sun protection.
  • I don’t have to moisturise my hands and legs when I use this. The mist is like a runny lotion. This also makes application easier.
  • Not as pricey as Neutrogena and at the same time offers good protection.
  • For once, I can make out how much more of the product is left. The spray cap can be opened to see the remaining product.
  • Very little product goes a long way owing to its consistency and hence this lasts me longer.


Lotus Sunscreen Review

What I don’t like about Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sunblock Spray SPF 50

  • All said and done about its consistency, it is ok for my hands and legs but not for my face. It made my face look so dull and oily. Even after washing my face, it looked so dull.
  • Makes my feet look dull if i go overboard with the product.


Lotus sunscreen SPF 60 REVIEW

  • Wiseshe rating 3/5

Other than I can’t use this for my face, I don’t find any other problems with this one. In fact I think this one is more economical for my hands and feet. I would like to try their Safe sun absolute SPF 50 next. If that one fails, I might come back to this one.

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    • I read some where natural sunblock recipe in which one has to mix cocobut oil, extra virgin oil, alovera juice and chamomile oil mix and apply but that is quite an complicated procedure 🙁
      which sunscreen u use khaadu?

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            • hahaha and she has done horrible acting ..she looked good in the movie as usual but i think she should pay more attention to her acting skills now. after all at the end of the day talent counts.

              • Yes exactly! I don’t remember a single movie where she has acted 😛 Maybe Aisha might have been a natural since she played her usual shopaholic self 😀 But then again the emotional scenes were a let down.

                • oh God , I thought it is me who thinks this way Maha because i read few good words about her acting in few movies .I started doubting myself .:P
                  i have never seen Sonam kapoor acting nicely and she is a daughter of legendary Anil Kapoor he is stupendous..i like his acting so much..

                • Oh no! I have seen almost all her movies and I don’t think there was any performance that deserves good words except shopaholic Aisha 😛 And yes Anil kapoor acts so well and she doesn’t match him at all! I think the good words might have been just for her father’s sake or something. In fact in this movie, Rimi sen was better as Irfan’s wife.

  1. oh. well i can’t use it anyway cuz i am allergic to SPF if above 15.
    And you know what i realized today that i was not following your site. silly me. Followin u now 🙂

  2. ya she was really funny and cute..and the way Irfan khan bullied his wife ..i was laughing over it..he is a superb actor.i think it is him which made the movie watchable.

  3. first time i am using sunscreen in my life ana ..and its sme jolen sun shield creme.

    ha ha keeda means insect na …and u kow the makhodi macchar that cme in the pik if khud ka foto is nt there …so i wrote keeday 2 check 😛 😛 😛 !


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