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Hi All,   MAC Cosmo

Today I’m going to me reviewing my first MAC lipstick ever! I remember the rush and the anticipation….not to mention the mental preparation it took to brace myself to buy such a pricey lipstick. Before MAC, I could never fathom buying a lippy for almost a 1000 bucks. So after a lot of research and deliberation I decided to get Cosmo.

I am usually a very impulsive buyer but since I was about to buy my first MAC I put a lot of thought into it. So here it is Girls! MAC Cosmo!!! Ta-ta-Daaa!!!! 😉

MAC Cosmo lipstick review+MAC Cosmo lipstick India

  •  Size: 3gms
  • Price: 980 INR

MAC Cosmo is a Amplified crème Finish lipstick and is one of the most popular shades they have. Infact, if anyone wants to invest in their first MAC and is confused about what to pick, I would pick this hands down!

  • Packaging: This lipstick comes in the customary bullet-shaped MAC packaging with the brand highlighted in silver. The details of the brand and the shade name is given on the bottom of the lipstick. The packaging is very sturdy and there is no chance of the lipstick opening up in your purse.

MAC Cosmo lipstick India

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  • Color: This color is described as a lovely neutral pink. If I could compare it to any shade, I would say this is a denser, pinkier version of Nyx Tea rose lippy.
  • Texture: The lipstick is very creamy and glides on very smoothly. It doesn’t settle into my fine lines and uber smooth and on application. I find this like a semi-matte shade but it doesn’t dry my lips out like other mattes. Infact, I love this finish since the creaminess remains for long even after the color has faded away.

MAC Cosmo lipstick review India

  • Staying Power: This lipstick stays for around 4-5hrs unless I eat in the middle. Even after meals, it retains a nice hint of pink which I love.

MAC lipstick Cosmo

  • Pigmentation & Coverage: The lipstick gives my lips a medium coverage and conceals any pigmentation on the lips. The color is very rich and one doesn’t need to swipe more than once or twice if a thicker denser application is required. Since the lipstick is very creamy AND still gives a moisturized look to the lips, this is what I reach for whenever in doubt.
  • Fragrance: This lipstick has the MAC trademark vanilla fragrance which is not too strong and wouldn’t irritate any sensitive noses.


Swatches of MAC Cosmo Lipstick

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MAC Cosmo lipstick swatches+MAC Cosmo swatches+MAC Cosmo lipstick reviews

MAC Cosmo On My Lips:-


MAC Cosmo on my lips+MAC Cosmo lip swatches

Why I love MAC Cosmo  lippy to bits: –

  • Pigmentation is fab and covers up any pigmented areas.
  • Very creamy & moisturizing and doesn’t dry out my lips anytime. This was a surprise since at first glance, the lippy looks matte.
  • Would suit most girls and its a shade I can blindly reach for no matter what I’m wearing.
  • The lipstick fades evenly and also leaves a hint of color after eating.
  • I loooooovvee the vanilla fragrance
  • The classy packaging is a huge plus point.
  • Its a MAC! Need I say more?? 😉


Ratings: 5/5

Have you tried MAC Cosmo Lipstick ?

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  1. its a luvly shadddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :jittery: :jittery: :jittery: :heart: :heart: :heart: :star: :star: main toh fidaa ho gyi :drunk:

  2. Nice review Zara 🙂 and i agree bahut himmat chahiye to buy a lippy for 1K…… 🙂
    i have only 2 lipsticks from MAC ( 🙁 ) and i keep them as if its gold.. 😛

  3. ananannannana my comment was 100 327 ……………………….. wowowowoowo you completed 1,00, 000 comments today guess :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

  4. see when you write comment here and click enter … it displays the comment count …
    and i was keeping track of it for the past week when i posted comment and it was 95 K …. so i knew it will reach to 1 lac in 3 – 4 days ……………………..

    you also type something and see on the http bar .. you will see …

    god ana mitra Zara :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  5. I always thght cosmo was a brown pink lippie, dunno why, so i stayed away from it. But in your swatches it is just pink, no brown undertones at all.. It’s nice on you though, :yes:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to carry off such a light pink 🙂

      • I generally use berry colored lipsticks.. my first lippie from MAC was capricious :).. or else I use pinks / rose shades with a touch of brown like Colorburst Soft Rose or Rosy Nude.. In lip glosses I like mauve shades 🙂

  6. nice shade Zara !!!
    u have pigment free lips!!!
    share us the secret!!!
    my lips are pigmented
    share tips please
    though MAC doesnt exist in my city but I have made up my mind that mac cosmo would be my first purchase from MAC for sure :smoke:

    • haha! no ya..the corners of my lips r pigmented and i have fine line ka problem.. 🙁 I keep trying to conceal them actually.. :shy: :shy: Try rubbing cream on your lips regularly..Its supposed to help in pigmentation..Even M hunting for a cure for such lips ..till then M just gona cover my lips with lippies! heehee..

      DO check it out when u get to visit the store..there r soooo many shades that ul go crazy after looking at them..hehe..

    • Thanx Paddy..this is the kinda shade that wud luk gud on alotta gals..thats y its one of their bestsellers i guess 🙂 🙂


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