Best make up to conceal acne, scars and pimples – Wise She Reader Question



Pretty woman asks,

Ladies help! what do I use to cover the horrible scars I have from acne and even over new eruptions.  Please suggest affordable brands.










  1. Kryolan’s Dermacolor pots are good. Remember to get a shade darker than your skin tone. Dark conceals and light highlights.

  2. I’d suggest the following concealers since I use them regularly over my acne
    For new eruptions or pimples that haven’t dried off yet- MAC Studio Finish concealer {super creamy and pigmented hence covers eruptions very well}
    For acne marks or redness (when the surface is flat) – The Body Shop crayon concealer{powdery yet pigmented finish hence great for flattened acne/marks}
    But the best I’ve heard {and seen as suggested by Lisa Eldridge, a makeup guru on YT} is Vichy Dermablend foundation used for spot concealer instead of a concealer itself.
    Hope this helps! :dance-left-right:


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