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Below are  all best of products in different brands reviewed on Wise She till now and list is ever growing .It’s an effort to zero down your search in finding the product perfectly suited for your need.Below link also contain reader choices and recommendation and post done by our team members.











Gel Eyeliners:-

Face Washes:-



Scrubs ,  Face Packs & Shower Gels


Night Creams:-


Foundations , Company & BB Cream





  1. hello everybody..!!!
    hope u all remember me…actually m not doing well from past few days..so not been able to be in touch with all lovely people.

    i have an issue today, and hoping that i’ll get perfect solution of it, so here comes the issue- i have just shifted to a new apartment a month before, now i realise the tap water is too hard which is affecting my hairs badly..so guys..please suggest me how to get perfect ,smooth , silky frizz free hair???

    i have slightly curly , dry hairs..m using loreal professional absolute repair shampoo and masque accompanying with same hair serum as well.

    so suggest me some tips or products..so that i can get back my smooth hairs..

    • Hi Nidhi,

      Hope you are fine now..My society also have a hard water problem I have got a filter fitted in one of the bathroom tap ..You can do that…It’s not that expensive.

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