Best Makeup Brushes To Use For Contouring


Best Makeup Brushes To Use For Contouring

After numerous posts on contouring and how to do effective contouring, I am sure now you all are confident and pro in doing it. Mastering might be a little far off but still you are now better than the average, right? Now the next step is to move on to an expertise level by choosing the right kind of brushes than the testing kinds reasonable budget brushes. I am bringing to your knowledge today some of the best makeup brushes that can be effective for contouring and can help you achieve the next level soon.

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

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These brushes are quite good as they come in a set of 4 brushes each with its specific and specialist use. Contouring brush is a part of the set along with 1 brush each for detailing, foundation and buffing. The contouring brush is easier to use with softer bristles to help you spread the foundation evenly and have a smooth contouring.

MAC 138 Tapered Face Brush

MAC india Brush

This is a multi-faceted brush that can be used effectively for all functions like contouring, highlighting, brush and even using cream. The bristles are quite soft and tapered and they leave you with a perfect face with avoidable wastage of your cosmetics as a little amount is spread very well and evenly.

Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush

pink kabuki brush

Not only cute in their appearance, these brushes are effective to reach out to the contours on your face with ease. They are very effectively designed to use adequate powder, leading to no wastage. They also evenly spread the powder to avoid spillage or heavy contouring. The brush is also usable to remove excessive powder making it versatile and worth the purchase.

Ambika Pillai Contour Brush

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This is another versatile brush which can be used for contouring as well as for applying blush. The bristles are soft and do not bleed. The handle is gripping and makes for a healthy contouring without much wastage. The price of the brush is INR 500 and definitely is a must buy at this price. There is no bleeding or shedding and the brush is easy to wash and dry.

Sigma Angled Top Kabuki F84 Brush

 F84 Brush Review

These brushes are known for their exquisite finish at pocket-friendly prices. The angled bristles make for a perfect bout of contouring and highlighting which is what these brushes are specifically designed for. The easy application makes for a quirky finish with no wastage or spillage of extra powder on being dipped into. Even cream contouring is easily done as the excessive cream can easily be dropped off through pats on the tail.

MAC 163 Brush

sigma brush

Another one from MAC to add to your pleasure of contouring. As this adds to your comfort while contouring, specially for people who find it tough or are new to it. The bristles are softer and are compatible with contouring powder or cream. The brush was actually part of a limited edition and I am not too sure if it exists right now. But yes, it was worth a mention here. In case it is not there, we might have something to look up to while choosing brushes as a comparison to this one.

I hope you liked this post on makeup rather contouring specific brushes.

Have you used these blush brushes before?

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