Best Makeup Colours For Different Skin Tones


When it comes to colours in makeup even sky is not the limit. There are immense possibilities to experiment. You can go with any colours you like. But….doesn’t a ‘but’ come everywhere? If you want to choose a colour that goes perfectly with your skin tone, there are certain shades that work best. Don’t worry because even within these limitations, you have many options to choose from. I’ll talk about eye colours and blushes here-

Makeup Colours for Dark Skin Tones

Dark or tanned skin has a plethora of choices. Browns and similar neutrals do not show up on dark skin. So if you want a subdued look, opt for champagne and shades of pink. If you want party look then corals, purples, plums, emerald greens, gold, silver, copper and bronze shades look awesome.

For a bold playful look out for pastels even though they may make your complexion appear darker. The trick is to have a flawless skin and balance the look with lip-colour.

Shimmery and metallic shades work very well for dusky complexion.


best eyeshadow for dark skin

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Liners- black, purple and teal look great.

Blushes- Fuchsia, bright corals and pinks go beautifully with tanned skin.


best blush for dark skin

Makeup Colours for Medium Skin Tones

Girls with medium skin tone are luckiest when it comes to makeup (Remember Ana’s various looks?) Though most of the colours work well for them, wheatish girls can go for pink, burgundy, vanilla, dark green, purple, coral, caramel, teal, coffee and various shades of brown.


best eyeshadow for medium skin

It is advisable to avoid matte shades as they may make the look fall flat. Mauve and black liners look great on medium skin but some shades of brown and wine also look great as eyeliner.

Blushes- These skin tones can try almost any shade. Various shades of pinks and corals suit medium skin.


best blush for medium skin

Makeup Colours for Fair Skin Tones

Fair-skinned girls should not opt for very dark and stark shades. They look too much against the already pale skin. You can choose taupe, light brown, grey, pastels and pale blues.

More options are silver, soft pinks and peaches. Even lavender and orchid shades work wonderfully for light skins.


best eyeshadow for fair skin

The eyeliner shades that suit the best are green and brown. Black looks stark but again the trick is to balance with lip colour.

Blushes- Subtle peaches, pinks and corals are the best choice for light skin tones.


best blush for fair skin


Smoky eyes in suitable colours go well with various tones. Black smoky eyes are tricky and should be done carefully and blended with the rest of the makeup.

These rules are not hard and fast. Try the shades as colours may show differently depending on skin undertones.

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  1. I am so impressed with the range of posts you get for us Maitri 🙂 N I agree medium tone is the best for trying out any makeup.. I have never even thought ‘Will this color suit me?’.. I just pick up the color if I like it 😉 but m going to keep this handy in case I become less-adventurous 😉

  2. Your posts are ahh-mazingly informative! Keep up the good work.. 🙂
    I keep oscillating between wheatish and tan (because of my Sun allergy) so I normally need to use a colour to actually see if it works for me with the skin tone I have.. :p

    • My case is smwht similar bt with a twist. I’ve tanned forehead and chin area bt rest of the face is wheatish 😛 . So I usually prefer tan-suitable shades

  3. U come up with such amazing and interesting topics, I medium skin tone and hence never think much abt colors, but surely need to experiment more :))


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