Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin – Suggestions


Sangeeta asks,

My skin is oily and super sensitive.What all makeup products should I use to prevent breakout ?I am just too afraid to experiment with anything new .There have been times when  I have faces extreme sensation while using herbal face packs .So please advise accordingly.


best makeup products for sensitive skin



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  1. I can understand your dilemma, I think you should meet a dermat and know what ingredients won’t suit you. this would be a fool-proof method!

  2. i secind shivangi… by trial n error i relaised wht suits n me wht doesn’t..but tht is big risk to take,,, stick to a gentle cleanser and moisturiser… an oil free one though.. n for makeup go for to quality for than qty.. it will really help u in the long run
    my reccos:
    stick to something like cetaphil cleanser .. its the gentlest of them all,
    dermadew for body
    cetaphil restoraderm as body lotion.. as far as possible avoid using scented skin care products


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