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Sushma asks,

I am looking for a makeup kit rather than buying individual products.Which brand makeup kit will be best suited.

Indian bridal makeup


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  1. Hi.. Well during my wedding time I checked out a lot of sets but none had all d stuff or shades I wanted.. So I bought an es palette from coastal scents…they have many combos for u to check out..n even a blush palette which was a brand less doe f the coastal scents one…liners n lippies were all separate ofcourse 🙂

    • Btw it’s called Faces Bloom makeup kit and has 24 eyeshadows, 6 lip glosses, 2 blushes, 3 eye pencils, a mascara, a pencil sharpener and 3 applicators

  2. I was also searching for makeup kits when I was new to makeup (still learning!), but I never found any super awesome makeup kit which had everything. Coastal scents and Faces are good options. I would also suggest Sephora Blockbuster makeup kit. It has everything! 🙂 Costly though and not easily available in India 🙁 One bad thing about makeup kits are that they almost never include good makeup brushes 🙁 So you would hav to buy them separately.

  3. I’m not sure about other ones but I recently got a Dior and I’m sure if its not THE Best, its at least one of the Best. 😀

  4. Hi all,I am getting married by this may end .Pl help me for best bridal make up india and best bridal facials as well

    I am reading your blogs from long they are really nice.Pl reply



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