Best Makeup Remover For Sensitive Skin


Pooja asks,

I have dry skin and whenever I use makeup remover it makes my skin more dry.Can you recommend any remover which is good for sensitive skin .I am travelling most of the time so can’t use oil 🙁

Best makeup remover for sensitive skin

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  1. Try Ayur its mild and does not make the face dry also try aroma magic turmeric cleaner, it comes in a pot. I have the same type of skin :highfive:

  2. Any simple cream / moisturiser should do the trick. Johnson’s baby lotion is sold in small sizes, is gentle & works pretty well as a makeup remover. It doesn’t even sting the eyes.

    So does Ponds cold cream or even Jergens Cream.

  3. Cetaphil cleansing lotion is good for sensitive skin, as it contain medicated drugs useful to improve skin condition.


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