Best Makeup Sponges Available In India + Pros & Cons of Using them!


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Makeup and girls have this kind of friendship which is unbreakable. But like makeup is important, its application with a good applicator is also essential. Sometimes it is seen that due to the lack of a good applicator, our makeup has creased or has become cakey. This is mainly the case of foundations where a good applicator is a must. Now, foundations can be applied in either of the 3 ways – Foundation Paint Brush, Kabuki Brush or a Makeup Sponge/ Beauty Blender.


Now, among these, the easiest, as well as widely used technique, is the beauty blender/ makeup sponge. Beauty Gurus swear by this baby and why not? Right from the day of its introduction, it has made foundation application so easy even for a beginner. There are so many makeup sponges available in the market but are they all good? In a search for this answer, we landed at some of the best beauty blenders/makeup sponges available in the country and here are our top choices!


Top Makeup Sponges/Beauty Blenders available in India:

The original Beauty Blender:

Price: INR 1400

This is the first beauty blender that stormed the market with its blending efficacy. This is known as the Original Beauty blender after which many brands have manufactured their own version. This is an egg-shaped sponge that is pink in colour. It comes with a transparent cover that contains all the information.


Sephora Beauty Makeup Sponge:

sephora beauty blender

Price: INR 1200

This is an airbrush sponge that provides precise application of foundation, contour, highlighting and even concealing. This targets small and hard to reach areas and blends the product effortlessly. The shape of the beauty sponge is quite unique as well as beautiful. It has this cone sort of an appearance which not only looks pretty but also is also convenient to use.


Real Technique Beauty Blender:

price: 721 INR

Real Technique Diamond Makeup Sponge is a diamond-shape beauty blender that works both in dry and wet conditions to give full coverage. This makeup sponge has sharp edges to work in very small places and give that perfect blending effect.


PAC Beauty Blender:

Price: 485 INR

PAC Beauty Blenders are quite new in the market when compared to other brands but this one does the work extremely well. It doesn’t absorb a huge amount of product and gives the perfect coverage on the face. Available in different shapes/sizes, this is one of the most affordable beauty blenders available in India.


Vega Beauty Sponge With Handle:

vega sponge with handle

Price: 299 INR

This is one of the most affordable yet unique products to have in every makeup lover’s kitty. This makeup sponge from Vega comes with a handle to do the needful task of a beauty blender without the need to touch the product. It is really convenient to use as well as looks quite decent in one’s makeup vanity. This is one of the bestsellers from Vega, to be sure.


PAC Mini Beauty Blender:


price: 385 INR (for 4 pieces)

These mini beauty blenders are from PAC and are specially meant for targeting small areas like nose and under eye area. These beauty blenders are used to apply concealers, powders and also contour. One of the tiniest beauty blender/makeup sponges available in the market for sure.

Real Technique Miracle Complexion Beauty Blender:

puna store makeup sponge

Price: 1200 INR

Real Technique Miracle Complexion Beauty Sponge is one of its kind in the beauty and makeup industry. This sponge doesn’t absorb very large amounts of products and help to make foundation application easy and flawless. After the original Beauty Blender, this is the second most famous makeup sponge available.



YBP Beauty Blender:

YBP Beauty Blender

price: 1200 INR

YBP Makeup Sponge is a latex free, reusable makeup sponge that is perfect for application of foundation. This is the favourite of many beauty gurus and they swear by this product. Though the price is little on the higher side, it is worth every penny paid.


Now, everything on this Earth has its own pros and cons and so has the Makeup Sponges. Listing down some pros and cons of using Beauty Blender/Makeup Sponges.



  • Blends foundation really well
  • Can be used even by a beginner
  • No streaky lines or patches after application
  • Available in different shapes and sizes to cater to different needs
  • Affordable than makeup brushes
  • Available both online and offline


  • Absorbs a lot of product
  • Have to replace in every 3-4 months
  • Cleaning and then drying is a task
  • Sometimes the coverage is not as good as a makeup kabuki brush

That’s all folks!

See the full video on Real Technique Diamond Miracle Sponge Now



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