Best Makeup Tips For Dandiya & Garba Event


Best Makeup Tips For Dandiya & Garba Event

Navratri is here and so is the exciting event of Dandiya and Garba which is the center of attraction of this festival. It is celebrated with full zeal and excitement. Women, teenaged girls and everyone dresses up for the event in a grand manner. They wear the traditional chaniya choli outfits to play the famous Garba Raas.

Well, makeup certainly is important in the events. All the heavy jewellery and ethnic outfits make the look so special that you certainly need to get decked up accordingly for the event!

dandiya makeup

Garba is usually a night event and so your makeup look should be according to the moods and colors of the colorful and fun associated night of Dandiya.

Here I have some must know makeup tips to make you look gorgeous and ready for the Dandiya party! Do checkout these tips if you too are going to attend the Dandiya festival this year! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bold Eye Makeup-

makeup ideas for dark brown eyes

Since the event takes place during the night and so you need to choose some bold shades for the eyes so that it is visible in the fierce lights in the Dandiya ground and gives a stunning impression to the onlookers.

Groom your brows-

sleek makeup brow perfector

Don’t forget to groom and fill your brows as the eye makeup looks incomplete!


loreal magic lumi highlighter after indian skin

Don’t forget to highlight your face as doing so will only make the makeup look more natural and not look like a plain base of foundation! The lights will radiate the features of the face beautifully and so make sure that you apply a highlighter perfectly and blend it well, because a strong light may also focus on the streak sharp lines which may be left due to imperfect blending!

Pucker up the lips-

How to apply red lipstick

Pull out the best bold lip color from your stash and flaunt it because you are going to one gala event and it is all about how you shine with the neatly done makeup!

Apply bindi-

A traditional festival calls for a complete traditional look and for that compliment your look with a simple or stone bindi and you are all set for the party!

Choose an easy hair-d0

five minutes side bun hair tutorial

Since, you are going to dance a lot during the Garba Raas and play dandiya, you need to think of an easy to do hair do and don’t leave the hair open like that. Go for a braided look or a simple hair do which securely holds the hair away from the face!


maang tikka accessory haulmaang tikka accessory haul

Wear your accessories and secure them with bobby pins so that while dancing they don’t come flying to the ground!

Sparkle up Nails-

colorbar glitter irish pink

Apply a glitter based nail paint of you nails for the [erfect festive combination of colors and shimmers!

Choose comfortable shoes-


Make sure to wear jutti or mojris as so much dancing and moving around may leave your ankle hurt and also the uneven level of the dance ground may not be so favorable for your sky high stilettos!

Hope you like these makeup tips and other general tricks to make your Dandiya & Garba celebrations exciting and memorable!

Have you tried these easy tips for Dandiya & Garba Raas?

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