Best Makeup Tips For Dusky Indian Skin Tones


Best Makeup Tips For Dusky Indian Skin Tones

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Have you ever realized that whenever we look for makeup tips, we get light skinned girls flaunting any makeup with ease. If we look for dark skin then mostly we get to see, dark African, ebony skin tones. Dark or dusky Indian skin is neither fair to medium nor too dark and so finding the right makeup suggestions for such skin tones is quite a task.

makeup tips for dusky Indian skin

Makeup is an art of enhancing the best features of a person so that the flaws remain hidden and only the features which are pleasing to the eye are projected. Makeup is not a child’s play as I can transform an average looking women into a drop dead gorgeous Glam Doll. The perfect makeup is when the onlooker doesn’t believe that the beautiful features of a woman are not real but just wonderful job of makeup.

Women who are endowed with dark complexion are usually the ruling damsels of makeup as they can sport a huge range of products and shades on their naturally beautiful skin tone. But, anyhow, below are a few tried and tested makeup tips to flatter your skins all the more! Plus, I’ll be segregating these tips into 3 main distinctions base, eye and lip makeup.

What are you waiting for, dig in!

Work On Your Base


Kryolan HD 18 Micro Cream Foundation Makeup Palette

Wrong colors of foundations look worst on dark skin. Anything too light will definitely make you turn look like an ashy ghost. Makeup also tends to oxidize on darker skins especially if you are on the oily side. I used to buy darker foundation so that they match with the pigmentation around my mouth. As a result I used to end up looking darker and dull. Now I match my foundation to the lighter areas of the skin near jawline.

Concealers and Correctors

Obviously if you are choosing a foundation matching to the lighter areas of your skin, the darker areas will be highlighted and will not look good. To solve the problem, I use an orange lipstick for color correction followed by a concealer. (I personally like using my cheaper lipsticks for this purpose like street wear lipstick pink pirouette and elle 18 lipsticks which are quite creamy) If you can lay your hands on an orange color corrector, nothing like that.

Maybelline instant age rewind concealer before and after

Dark circles are not prominent on dark skins but using an illuminating concealer works wonders. Do not choose a very light concealer though. That will attract attention to the dark circles instead of camouflaging them!

Doll Up Those Gorgeous Peepers

Eye Shadows

There are many colors and finishes to choose from but frosty colors do not look great on dark skins. Brown, taupe, bronze, burgundy, plum and copper etc. work very well on dark skins! If you are cool toned opt for blues and silvers, and on the other hand if you are more on the warmer side, foiled golds, and champagnes are the way to go for you! Metallic colors look amazing as well.


rimmel london scandal eye liners haul

Black, brown, navy are the suitable colors for eyeliners. Use gold based highlighters for eyes. But if you want a little something extra going around your eyes, try shades of purple and eggplant! Purple has these complacency with browns and dark, rich skin tones which makes it stand out like none other!


Never skip the mascara. I repeat, never, ever skip the mascara! If there is one thing which can amp up your day-night look it is this little baby sitting in your vanity waiting for your love! Coat up thin layers of jet black mascara to make your peepers really pop!

And for that hint of edginess, add a coat of blue mascara at the tips of the lashes to add that jazz!

Play Up Your Lips

Lip Colours

Use a foundation to cancel out the lips pigmentation or fill your lips with a nude brown lip liner. Deep or bright shades of pink make dark complexion look stunning. Reds are another color family for you but do not choose blood red shades. Plums and browns will make you look good but choose browns with pink hues. Nude lips also look good on dark skins and always pick browns with pink undertone for the purpose. Burgundy lips will make you look bright as well.

No frost finishes

I personally do not like frosty colors on dark skin. There are so many lipstick finishes out there to try and devour but not frosty finish lipsticks! And no, this is not merely my personal view! Frosty lipsticks can do no good to your otherwise beautiful skin, apart from making your full lips stand out that too in a negative aspect! What you should be opting for is rich, deep and more pigmented colors of lipsticks which complement your rich ebony skin tones almost perfectly!

So these were my tips for dark skinned beauties. Which ones did you like the most?

Have you tried these tips for Dusky Indian Skin Tones?

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