Best Mattifying Sunscreens Great For Any Season


Best Mattifying Sunscreens Great For Any Season

Mattifying sunscreens are needed specially for oily skin. Often I come across women who say that they do not use any sunscreen as their skin is oily and it feels more oily post application. I am listing here some sunscreens which are totally the solution for such skin types.

Sunscreens are essential across seasons as the sun rises all the 12 months, simple! If sun rays are dangerous for our skin for their UV rays, we must ensure that our skin stays safe of such rays. There are many matte based sunscreens which are good for our skin even if it’s oily.

Have a look at the collection below, do see the options available and choose your option!

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50


This sunscreen is an oil free sunscreen and hence is pretty best for the people with oily skin. The SPF 50 formula helps in better control over oil and helps skin from skin burn, skin damage and UV rays. The price of the product is INR 295 which is not bad at all for oily skin.

VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion SPF 30

This product is SPF 30 and is oil free with matte finish. This product would prevent you from the problems of oily skin based on its ayurvedic ingredients. Completely safe for the skin and helps in protection from UV rays at a price of INR 95, too much isn’t?

The Body Care Natural Sunscreen with matte finish

The Body Care Nature Sunscreen with matte finish SPF 45

This product is rich in aloe vera and is completely oil free for your skin. SPF 45 content of this product is matte finish and provides sun protection against sun rays and gives a shiny finish to your body.

Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying Super Sunscreen

Lakme 9 to 5 Mattifying Super Sunscreen

As the name suggests, this product is safe for all seasons use during your office hours beginning at 9 and ending at 5. This product is required in very small quantities and is very pleasant in smell. SPF 50 formula gives you a better protection and makes it a worthy product.

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen lotion


This oil free formulation with UVA and UVB protection is very good for your skin. The product comes in a comfortable packaging with suitability for all skin types. It is absorbed in your skin completely and easily and makes you wonder why did you shy away from it?

Vichy Capital Soliel SPF 50 Sunscreen

Vichy Capital Soleil_Sunscreen 50+

This is another great product which helps you achieve a moisturized and nurtured skin. This would help you to protect your skin from sunburns and helps you stay aloof of any such problem, even the sensitive skin problems.

Lotus sunblock Lotus safe sun 3 in 1 matte look daily sunblock

lotus 3 in 1 matt sunscreen+vlcc herbal bleach

This product gets absorbed into the skin easily and makes your skin look great. You feel confident and the feeling of having an oily skin goes away given the matte finesse of this product. A must try if you are a patron of lotus products. Another good one from the brand is waiting for your consent.

I hope this list fits in well with what you are looking at, believe me trying one of these would ensure you are happy with your skin all season through. I have picked these products  carefully for your consideration.

Have you tried any of these matte sunscreens?

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