Best Maybelline Eyeliner Suggestions


Poornima asks,

I would like to know what is your favourite Maybelline eyeliner .Do you like pencil eyeliner or gel eyeliner more in Maybelline ?


Best Maybelline Eyeliner Suggestions


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  1. Hello Poornima … i have them and i love them both .. gel liner needs a steady hand to put and best thing abt Maybelline is that they provide you with the necessary brushes and their gel liner brush is very famous .. I have 2 gels and have ordered a third one .. and worth it!!
    pencils are amazing, well pigmented and lasting and available in many colors .. .. .. do give them a shot !!!

  2. i have never used the gel liner….colossal kajal is my all time fav….i also love the vivid and smooth liner range….they have awsome colour variants…soft and creamy texture


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