Best Maybelline Face Products-Suggestions


Nikita asks,

Maybelline has launched many products this year, I want to try their face products(foundation,compact etc.). Can you gals suggest the best of maybelline face products? 🙂


best maybelline face products-Suggestions


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  1. Dream mousse blush is a worth try, i have it and just love it. If u swatch it, u’ll feel it’s glittery but it’s not in actual. I use it for office wear.
    BB cream is good too but it gets glossy after a few hours. I am also using Dream matt powder too but not much satisfied with it so won’t suggest it.

  2. hmm maybelline .. colossal kajal, volume mascara .. dream mousse blush, eye studio gel eyeliner .. color sensational lippies, dream mousse foundation, BB cream .. I like all of them … I :inlove: with Maybelline ..

      • my fav is always my first maybelline product .. black gel eyeliner .. close by is the volum mascara .. after seeing this post i could control myself .. went to MM and got a mascara, watershine lippie, brown swirl liner, eye pencil in mild pink and blue and BB cream ..
        The SA was so happy she gave me a beautiful mani-pedicure set .. :-)) :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

        • haha!! wow! uv done a major haul tday i must say Jan!!! and m on a ban so its a torture to read this!!! 🙁 🙁

          btw, which watershine did u get?

          • crystal amethyst .. love at first sight .. !!! I even got 4 nail paints from new-u and I am gonna try the mani-pedi set tom .. :yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee::yippee:

              • yes .. achcha hai .. I had bought a blue color a while back .. lasted 6 months without drying (its a record for me .. cause i bought a Lakme which dried in 2 months .. ) .. I still have it .. toh i thought let me buy some more and got 4 colors .. pearl white, baby pink with shimmers, a top coat with gold shimmers and coffee bronze color .. I am on look-out for nice green and yellow/orange nail paints .. you can give them a try .. :-))

  3. Hi Ishita,
    I don’t have dry but oily to combination skin. So as far I remember from reviews I have read and from my experience, ppl with dry skin will need to apply moisturiser before the BB cream. This will help when u r applying the BB cream.

      • Really?? Thts gonna be so sad..But I wont mind if they get the bouncy blushes here. Hate that they dont get half of the stuff in India. Been waiting for the tattoo eyeshadows for so long 🙁

  4. hi guys!!.. my fave prodt would be colossal kajal but the thing is it does not have shine.. so can someone suggest me some good smudgeproof kajal/eyeliners that is suitable for contacts wearers… :-)) :-))


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