Best Moisturizer For Combination Skin – Wise She Reader Question


Wise She reader question

Nisha Asked,

I am confused about my moisturizer .Either it make my skin too dry or too oily.Can you suggest any moisturizer which will  keep my skin moisturized without making it feeling dry or oily.By the way I have combination skin.

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  1. I have faced this problem before what i will suggest is to use two can use fab india vitamin e moisturizer (oily skin) on oily areas and fab india vitamin e moisturizer for dry skin on the dry area.

    there are many girls who use this technique for combination skin.

  2. Nutrogena manufactures oil free moisturiser specially formulated for combination skin. Its name is “oil-free moisturizer for combination skin”
    By the way nisha, you just can’t use the same cream round the year, in summers u will need oil-free moisturiser< in winters u will need intense moisturizing moisturizer! :yes: :yes:

  3. i suggest nutrogena oil free moisturizer specially made for combi skin. or lotus alpha moist. these are my favourites ..

  4. I have a super oily skin. and which result in a lot of acne & blemishes…. . Even in winter except the corners of the mouth and the side of the nose, all my face remains oily. Lot of people say that oily faced gals make mistake of not using any moisturizer. And i am one of them. Do i still need a moisturizer ! If yes then please suggest me a moisturizer which helps my oily skin…


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