Best Movies Which Inspired Popular Makeup Trends


Best Movies Which Inspired Popular Makeup Trends

Movies and trends go hand in hand. Some movies are remembered for their story and acting while others for the impeccable beauty of the characters. The best movies have the perfect combination of both. The makeup and fashion the actresses flaunted in these movies become iconic and girls follow them religiously. This makeup love has given rise to the trend of makeup brands collaborating with movies to bring out Limited Edition makeup lines.

Whether or not your favorite movie had a makeup line, you can get the makeup look with a little effort. These are some of the Best Movies Which Inspired Popular Makeup Trends-


Movies Which Inspired Popular Makeup Trends

Oh those lashes and thick eyeliner! In this classic movie, we saw Aishwarya sporting flirty eyelashes with a rosy pout. Her face was kept well chiseled but still she looked very natural. Well groomed brows made her eyes look even more appealing. This is one of my favorite makeup looks of all times. And yes her wavy hair were like clouds 🙂

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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Audrey Hepburn’s cat eyeliner and nude lips are the ultimate trend. It is still followed by the biggest fashionistas like Kangana Ranaut. This is timeless look and made Holly look really innocent. Even her black dresses and pearls became iconic.

Student Of The Year

Popular Makeup Trends inspired by movies

The movie might not have been the best of the lot but Alia’s look was perfect for school and college girls. She mostly had barely there makeup on. The best part of her makeup was the use of white eyeliner on waterline. It made her small eyes look bigger and brighter. The girls who were not sure of white eye pencil till then, took to it immediately.

Bajirao Mastani

Best Movies Which Inspired Makeup Trends

This is strobing at its best. Deepika‘s skin glowed like moon in this movie. She wore a no-makeup look in the movie. Deepika had rosy cheeks and lips in the movie. Her lips had a beautiful red stain and her brows were super bold. Deepika’s eyes dazzled and so did the screen with her presence.

The Seven Year Itch

Best Movies Which Inspired Popular Makeup Trends (1)

Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate name for red lips and this movie made that image even stronger. She had a little smudged eye makeup in the film along with her signature scarlet pout. That and the flawless skin!


makeup looks inspired by movies

Frosted lipstick was big in the 90’s and Sharon Stone was definitely the name behind the trend. She had spider lashes that fluttered effortlessly. The eyeliner on her upper eyelid was simple but a little thick. She kept her lower lashline bare to get sparkling eyes.

What are your favorite Makeup Trends inspired by movies?

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  1. I loved the Devdas look of Aishwarya to the core, she never looked soooo pretty to me than this movie!

    Audrey’s look is still today an inspiration for so many of us… Nice post..Loved Deepika’s look in Bajirao..gosh she is such a beautiphool girl! 🙂


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