Best Nail Art Tools



I so love beautifully decorated nail arts which you put up every day.I am new in this and want to get some nail art tools.I also want to know what other tools beside the professional one I can use for nail art.Please help!

Best nail art tools


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    • you can buy brushes from buyincoins or born pretty store though born pretty store will take ages in delivery

  1. zero size brush is best for curved lines and all :-)) but since market is flooded with many kinds of zero size brush, one should opt for the thinest brush for thin lines..
    other tool are toothpicks, saftypins 😛 but to get that professional tool you have to order online :-/

  2. ya toothpick is a blessing like niti said..u can use zero size brush r plaster for french manicure…to master it try the nailart brushes frm 🙂


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